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      3 Do's & Don'ts For Quality Sleep!

      Being Your Best Self Literally Starts With Catching Zzzs

      How many of us have complained about not appreciating naps as a child? You probably learned in your teens that sleep is the best friend you'll never get enough of. 

      There’s hardly a bodily function that doesn’t rely on getting enough rest, so why are one in three diagnosed with insomnia

      You have several allies, some you may not have thought of, and several foes, many you may consider dear friends (say it ain't so cheese!). Let's explore your options for a great nights sleep or the opposite! 


      Do say 'YES!' To: 


      They’re high in nature’s muscle relaxer, magnesium. You may also benefit from sleep-enhancing melatonin and serotonin in bananas.



      Did you know almonds contain the same sleep-inducing protein tryptophan? Add that to its high magnesium and you have the recipe for some powerful relaxation.

      Chamomile Tea

      Touted as a cure-all for everything from stomach pains to skin bleaching, chamomile tea is universally recognized as a perfectly effective pre-bedtime elixir. Make an effort not to include sugar or honey, as these would counteract chamomile’s soothing effects.


      Don't say 'YES!' To: 


      Contains a naturally occurring neuropeptide (chemical that relays messages in the brain) that stimulates wakefulness and alertness.


      Spicy & Fatty Foods

      Heartburn is a common side effect of both, and that does not make for a restful evening!

      Decaf Coffee


      While the name might suggest otherwise, decaffinated coffee actually has the ability to disturb your normal REM cycle, essential for waking up well rested. Thouth a good amount of caffiene is eliminated from the beans, there is still enough remaining to keep you up longer than you may wish, especially if you're going to the effort to consume a beverage that states right in the title that it has no caffiene.  

      And if you’re still having a hard time there are always these delightful noise machines!


      BONUS: Studies have found social activity to boost sleep needs in fruit flies, which implicates the same would be true for us humans. 

      Socializing and enjoying time with your friends is both enjoyable and may also contribute to the 40 winks you so desperately crave. See fun events near you and make the most of your nights to have a more restful tomorrow! 


      Dennis Lyons

      Social Media & Brand Manager

      Social Scene 


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