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      Social Scene News

      Common Bar Crawl Event Questions

      When questions about one of our nationwide bar crawl events come pouring in, we tend to perk up and take notice.

      That's why we put together this handy list to tackle those pressing questions so very many of you took time out of your day to ask. Thanks for that by the way! 

      1. Can I transfer my tickets or get a refund? 

      We do not typically offer ticket refunds, and crawl ticket transfers are subject to a $10 transfer fee. That said, if you have an emergency please reach out, we always want to make every effort to do right by you. 

      2. Is there a minimum age requirement?

      You must be at least 21 with state issued identification. 

      3. What are my transportation/parking options?

      Paid parking options are in the area, we also suggest Lyft! First time users use code MDO50

      If you're in Kansas City or St. Louis, first time Uber users can get a killer discount with code 39r5v

      4. What's the deal with trolley/limo routes?

      Trolley & limo bus crawls are hop on, hop off. There are no designated seats, and vehicles should come around every 15-20 minutes.  You will receive a map at check-in with specifics on pick up and drop off locations. 

      5. Can I update my registration info?

      Yes, just log back in to your account. 

      6. Do I need to bring a printed ticket?

      Tickets can be scanned from either your phone or a printed ticket, whichever is convenient.

      7. Can I check in with a friend's ticket?

      Yes, as long as the ticket is printed or on your phone and we are able to scan it, you will be just fine.

      All attendees still MUST be 21 or over. 

      8. Can I use multiple discounts/offers on a single purchase?

      We do not allow combination of any discounts, offers and coupon codes. 

      Discounts and offers can not be applied retroactively. 

      9. If I don't attend, can I use my voucher for a later event?

      Vouchers/tickets are only valid the day-of an event. After the event date, the voucher/ticket expires and has no redeemable value. 

      10. What about legal side of things?

      Not to worry! My Drink On and Social Scene stay compliant with all state and federal laws with regards to the marketing and consumption of alcohol.

      Please remember: All Attendees must be 21 and over.

      We strongly advise safe consumption of alcohol and never driving once beverages are consumed.

      We have a Lyft offer for $50 in free rides for time users with code MDO50, and with Uber if you're in Kansas City or St. Louis where first time Uber users can get a killer discount with code 39r5v!

      11. How can I contact My Drink On with questions?

      Email us at [email protected] for group rates and more.

      Did we miss anything?

      You made it to the end of our list! You rock! 

      If you have a question we didn't address above, send a message to [email protected] or leave your question in the comments below and we will reply as soon as possible. 

      Now that you're set to make an informed decision, check out our events to pick which is best for you!


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