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      Hangovers SUCK! Intox Detox Helps. See How.

      There’s little worse than waking up with a pounding headache and feeling nauseous after an incredible night out. Hangovers suck! I’m not sure there is any real cure for them except refraining from drinking altogether but there are some things that help like Intox-Detox™Try some today with code MDO and save 25%!

      Hangovers SUCK! Intox Detox Helps. See How.

      Obviously cutting back on how much alcohol you consume makes a difference. Keeping yourself hydrated is another way to decrease the miserable after effects. Sticking to the same family of drinks is beneficial instead of mixing beer with wine and hard liquor. And now, taking Intox-Detox™ prior to drinking has been shown to help you have a better tomorrow.

      But how does Intox-Detox™ work?

      When you consume adult beverages, the liver breaks down acetaldehyde, a product of alcohol metabolism which is more toxic than the alcohol itself, according to Health, How Stuff Works. Our body’s supply of glutathione and the liver work together to help fight off the toxicity.

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a large enough supply of glutathione and the liver is only able to break down a certain amount of alcohol per hour which is approximately one drink for the average individual (Alcohol.org.nz). When you drink faster than your liver is able to break everything down, your blood alcohol content rises and you start to feel drunk. Acetaldehyde builds up and you wake-up the next morning feeling like crap!

      Hangovers SUCK! Intox Detox Helps. See How.

      Is there anyway to prevent this?

      While there are a lot of products on the market that address the after effects of drinking, there are very few products available that focus on preventative measures. Intox-Detox™ is the first product on the market to address the cause of the after-effects of consuming alcohol, instead of responding to only the symptoms.

      Intox-Detox™ is comprised of four main ingredients and is the only alcohol recovery product  around that uses Setria® which has been clinically proven to reduce alcohol’s damaging effects on the body. It’s the perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and breakthrough clinical research. Intox-Detox™ contains Japanese Raisin, Ginseng, Green Tea, and Setria®.

      What do these ingredients do?

      Japanese Raisin directly targets that nasty, cruel metabolite Acetaldehyde, which, as mentioned previously, is largely responsible for the painful after-effects of drinking. Setria® increases levels of glutathione by 35%! Green Tea energizes and helps detox the body of damaging free radicals. While ginseng provides energy as well, it also helps restore balance and eliminates toxins to help boost liver function.

      Does Intox-Detox™ really work?

      I was curious, so I put it to the test on multiple occasions that included drinking a little to drinking a lot. And here is what I found…. It can definitely make a difference but it does not give anyone license to go out and get crazy consuming abundant amounts of alcohol thinking Intox-Detox™ will save the day!

      Some key factors to remember to maximize the positive results of Intox-Detox™. Always take it before or RIGHT when you begin drinking? Honestly, taking it after even just one drink in definitely changes the results and makes them much less effective. I highly recommend taking one Intox-Detox™ packet about 30 minutes to an hour prior to consuming any alcohol.

      Don’t mix alcohol, down a ton of shots, or drink yourself into a serious drunken stupor hoping that packet of Intox-Detox™ you took is going to guarantee you’ll wake-up feeling refreshed the next day. There is no pill on the market or even a magic wand that could prevent a hangover in any of those incidences.

      Please, make sure you eat and have something of substance in your stomach when you plan on going out for some cocktails and fun. Don’t skip food and drink the night away thinking Intox-Detox™ has your back. And keep yourself hydrated. Water is your best friend whether you are using Intox-Detox™ or not.

      Basically, drink responsibly and have fun at all times but use Intox-Detox™ to help you have a much better morning. There have been some nights I’ve went out throwing a few more back than usual after taking Intox-Detox™ where I greeted the morning with excitement and other times where I struggled to get out of bed.

      I find that if I take the Intox-Detox™ before I start drinking, make sure I’ve eaten something, and enjoy plenty of cocktails without going overboard, Intox-Detox™ helps me have a much better morning than had I not taken it. I often take another packet at the end of the night right before I go to bed to ensure I really have a better tomorrow!

      Now it's time to see for yourself. Try Intox-Detox™ today using code MDO and you will save 25% off your order. We’d love to hear what you think. Comment below or message us at [email protected] to share your feedback.

      Hangovers SUCK! Intox-Detox™ helps! Try some today with code MDO and save 25%!

      Save 25% on Intox Detox

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      Katie Cahnmann
      National Media & Sponsorship Manager
      Social Scene 

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