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Top Beer Brands Consumed In And Around Denver

Right now, we will be painting a picture of the beer scene in Denver. Beer is such a universal beverage that you can find on almost every corner in various cities worldwide -- served in restaurants, offered in bars, and displayed in convenience stores. But what makes Denver, Colorado’s beer scene unique from other cities in America is the type of crowd that patronizes it, the bars, and the breweries located in the vicinity.


Social Scene is listing down the top beer brands consumed in and around Denver. You can even make yourself a checklist and see which among these have you tried!


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1. Big Bad Baptista - Epic Brewing Co.


Top Beer Denver

 Mexican coffee is in this beer.


Find hints of cinnamon, Mexican coffee, chocolate cacao nibs, and vanilla in Epic Brewing Co.’s Big Bad Baptista. Every flavor plays a role in the final product, for instance how the cinnamon emphasizes the earthy nature of the Mexican coffee, and how the cacao contributes the sweetness. It has been said that Big Bad Baptista is a perfect beverage for a cool evening with a fireplace or bonfire, a great pairing with that of Denver’s landscape.


2. Bud Light - Anheuser-Busch

There’s no stopping Bud Light from maintaining its reputation as a favorite beer brand in Denver and around the world. Regarded as “America’s Favorite Light Lager,” Bud Light comes from the right ingredients hand-picked fresh with hints of floral notes and various other tastes. Barley and rice are added for its crisp, clean taste.


3. Coors Light - Molson Coors Brewing Co.


Coors Light

Coors Light is proud of its Denver heritage


Coors Light by Molson Coors Brewing Co. is proud of its Denver heritage, as the brewery itself has its headquarters in the Mile High City. Coors Light is among the fastest growing light beers anywhere in the world, regularly releasing advertisements on television, online, and on billboards. The beer has been processed below freezing temperature to give its crisp taste, bright appearance, and freshness.


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4. Corona Extra - Constellation Brands

Mexico is the birthplace of Corona Extra by Constellation Brands, and this beer brand is massively distributed in Denver. Inspired by life at the beach, Corona Extra has a golden color and refreshing flavor of freshly squeezed lime. It celebrates and pays tribute to one’s easygoing attitude, laidback lifestyle, but always ready to make the move.


5. Crooked Stave’s Origins


Crooked Stave’s Origins

Texture is dry and tart with dark, sour flavors.


On the other hand, Crooked Stave’s Origins is a sour-tasting beer aged in oak barrels. The Bottle Shop reviews this brand as “dark and rich with sour and oak aged flavors.” Once in the mouth, texture is drier and tart compared to others, but the taste with sweetness of dark fruits, thereby balance out the sour flavors.


6. Fortuna - Avery Brewing Co.


Fortuna is one of the products of Avery Brewing Co. and belongs to a collection of several beers that it offers. Fortuna is part of the brewery’s Barrel Aged Series, and is characterized as ale aged in tequila barrels with lime zest and salt added as ingredients. The brewery also has Year Round Brews, Seasonal Selection, Annual Barrel Series, and more.


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7. Heineken - Heineken International


best beer brand

Heineken International’s lager brand


The product and the company Heineken may have the same name, but Heineken officially refers to Heineken Lager, a pure European pilsner. The taste is mildly bitter as the flavor originates from A-yeast. The color is bright golden, a true testament of a beer perfected by Gerard Heineken himself. In Denver, this brand is widely recognized and served in many restaurants in the city.


8. Mr. Sandman - River North Brewery


Mr. Sandman from River North Brewery is American Imperial Stout style of beer. Though River North Brewery only started recently in 2012, it has since produced beers that are well-loved not just in Denver, but around the United States. It is a limited edition barrel-aged brand released once per year.


9. Slow Pour Pils - Bierstadt Lagerhaus


Slow Pour Pils - Bierstadt Lagerhaus

There must be a reason why beer reviewers love this brand.


Colorado-based brewery Bierstadt Lagerhaus is behind another favorite brand in the region, Slow Pour Pils. Denver locals and beer reviewers love this brand because of how it could be taken in from several pours without having the flavors overpower the taste and of course, the experience. If you are looking for beers that are of the right flavor balance, you have to try this one.


10. Supreme Clientele - Casey Brewing and Blending

Peach is the main flavor in Casey Brewing and Blending’s Supreme Clientele. You are definitely familiar with peach, aren’t you? But peach with beer? You can just imagine how it tastes. Supreme Clientele is aged with apricots for around a month, together with fresh nectarines and peaches in the next months. Basically, the beer is made in multiple flavors of fruit, which make the taste very tropical and at the same time, refreshing.


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Beer Drinking In Denver!


Beer Drinking In Denver

Something beer-y great awaits you.


Do you want to experience and taste these yourself? The 2018 Denver Fall Beer & Cider Tasting Festival is happening on December 1st. Get ready for food and drink specials, giveaways, and more fun surprises!

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