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9 Tips To Be a Better Date, For You and People Around You!



For many of us, we look forward to that Friday or Saturday night as a chance to connect with friends and the chance to connect with a newly acquainted interest! So we thought of a few ways you can be a better date for the people you are with, yet to meet, and for yourself!

1. Yawning is never fun, though it just means your brain needs more oxygen (source). Make sure to cover your mouth and embrace the need for air. No need to share the inside of your mouth, sharing you are tired with the whole space!



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2. Leave your phone in your pocket, other than photo opportunities with friends, that we absolutely encourage! Be present in the moment. How are you supposed to connect if your eyes are on your screen! Setting your phone on the table you have sat at or having it out at the bar makes you less approachable and saying you are waiting for a better option.



3. Since your phone is in your pocket, you do not have to worry about it being out, dropped or stolen! So many times we see people get up and leave their phone. Make sure your photos and contacts stay safe while you are having fun on the town!



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4. The winter cold is upon us and the best way to stay healthy through the season is to make sure to wash your hands, before and after every meal if you can! Eating healthy also helps to build your immune system and allow for you to enjoy more weekends out and not in bed! Just think, two more times you can check for missed calls or texts without looking disinterested!



5. Feeling comfortable is a top priority and no one likes a stuffed head or nose, but please excuse yourself from the table to blow your nose. You can excuse yourself and really let out a good blow to ensure the rest of your night is congestion free! Nose honk at the dinner table is not your shining moment!


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6. Do you suffer from spilled alcohol on your clothes and shoes? A great way to defend this is to carry your drink next to your hip. Your shoulders are the widest part of your body for most people, so holding your drink up in a tight space is causing more of an issue. Also, holding your drink down makes you more approachable. Your arms being up is a more defensive position and less welcoming!



7. Make sure to say hello and add a compliment and smile. There is no better pick up than being yourself and showing interest in the person you are interested in! Whether friend or new acquaintance, starting off with an easy hello, I really like your _____ and whats your name” is a sure way to get the conversation started and don’t forget your smile. It is contagious!



8. Be nice! You would not believe that by being nice, complimentary and doing things for others will be contagious and put everyone in a good mood, including you! Try opening the door for people, letting them exit first, sharing how good the service or food is, ask about someone’s evening with sincere interest or just smile and say thank you, you will be amazed on how good this will make you and everyone around you feel!


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9. Make eye to eye contact, not eye to mouth! This shows a genuine interest and will allow for you to stay focused on the topic, the the opposites other appealing features!


Comment and add to our list below! We love sharing how you can be more social and encouraging you to connect with everyone around you, especially if you are in a place you really enjoy, most likely you have more things in common with the people around you who are also there too! Be confident in the person you are and strive for loving others by loving yourself!

Enjoy some additional dating dos and dont's for your next date from eharmony and why you just might need to get out and drink more!

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