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Why Attend a Bar Crawl?

Why attend bar crawls

There is no unified acceptable definition of a bar crawl, but one idea is at the center of all its definitions as offered by different bar crawl enthusiasts.

A bar crawl (A.K.A pub crawl) is very popular in Europe and America. This drinking tour is most noted amongst young adults who engage in heavy alcohol consumption, merriment, and gait. But it is a lot more than that and the negative notion is far from what it really is. So let’s take you through its origin.

The term "pub crawl can be traced to England, in a small local twin named Annapolis, where small pubs and taverns which are within a trek-able distance from one another are visited by a group of partying male folks.

Traditionally, this started as a means of social gatherings for local expatriate communities and tourists. The idea was centered on meeting new and exciting friends and an introduction to new pubs in cities where they may not be too familiar with. There are many motivations behind bar crawl enthusiasts taking part in the event; and here we have outlined some reasons here.


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“Why Attend a Bar Crawl?”

1. Add New Friends to Your Life

Pub crawls are social events, thus people from different socio-strata bond to participate in the event regardless of where it takes place. This affords many participants the opportunity to encounter other exciting individuals taking part in the event too. It further increases social interaction and cultivation of new friends that could lead to some amazing partnership in the future.


2. Participation in Fundraising and Charity

Organizers of pub crawls often ask participants to donate to support the event's nominated charity. Proceeds from donations are given to the selected charity. Apart the funds from ticket sales, participants in some crawls are even encouraged to bring unwrapped gifts, which go to those considered to be under privileged.

 So participating in a bar crawl may not only involve having a blast, but also giving back while doing so.

bar crawls for charity
3. Seasonal Bar Crawl Excitement

Pub crawls are usually organized during festivals, so in the spirit of festivity, individuals take part in a variety of activities, e.g., bar crawl to have a complete feel/ spirit of the season and connect with each other in an environment that is filled with love and happiness.


Holiday bar crawls


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4. Night Life Adventure

Bar Crawls typically take place in the evening, but day bar crawls are just as exciting. This can be very adventurous for those who have not used to the exciting funfair the nightlife offers. Most fun craving individuals may cease the opportunity to experience a feeling of a pub crawl, and the many intriguing adventures that comes with it.

Nightlife adventure

Being exposed to new things is part of life. Bar crawl offers excitement, relaxation, and entertainment that will leave you refresh and feeling new all over again. It is a feeling you need to experience at least once in a lifetime because it is too awesome for words.


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