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Celebrate Your Party At Our Party

Looking for a place to be “social” and “seen”? Social Scene offers you the perfect excuse to have a blast at your special party moments! It’s about time you join the happenings and put yourself out there for some real fun.

Why Go Out To Party?

Simple: there’s a sense of belonging when you’re enjoying yourself with a group of people all celebrating the same occasion. Attending our events gives you this unique moment to share with the people around you.


Why Social Scene Events?

Social Scene is the number one place to go for the newest and hottest happenings! We have everything planned out just for you. Just bring yourself and your friends, and start partying!


Take a look at the numerous exciting events that Social Scene has in store for you. See yourself at yacht parties, tasting festivals, drinking tours, New Year’s Eve parties, bar, and pub crawls, and just about every holiday event that you can think of!


Social Scene never misses out on the best parties, and neither should you! Rather than watching from the sidelines, see yourself IN the fun of these events! Celebrate your special day and experience the best moments of your life! Come and celebrate with us -- we cater events including birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, college graduation parties, job promotion parties, and a lot more!


We are just one call away! Sign up for our most popular events now and get access to a ton of great deals when you check out our exciting promos!


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Party At The Best Places In Town With These Social Scene Events!


1. Commemorate Your Graduation Just In Time For The Summer Whiskey Tasting Festival


Concrete Cowboy (646 N Franklin St - Chicago)

The Ginn Mill (2041 Larimer St - Denver)



Be with family and friends (new and old) at a whiskey festival!


The  2019  Summer Whiskey Tasting Festival is an excellent way to bond with your friends and family! Meet other people who likely have the same whiskey tastes as you. No other event can top this classic opportunity to celebrate your college graduation!


Enjoy your birthday with new whiskeys and old favorites. Create exciting memories this summer to last you a lifetime. Tickets are priced at $400 and below, but you can always save more when you click here. The deal includes 2 hours of whiskey tasting, food and drinks specials, and VIP perks -- plus, a portion of the proceeds go to charity. You can’t ask for a better college graduation package than this!



2. Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Is Never Complete Without Tequila!


Blake Street Tavern (2301 Blake St-  Denver) 

ESTATE (1177 N Elston Ave - Chicago)



There’s nothing like celebrating special moments at a tequila tasting festival


2019  Summer Tequila Tasting Festival has all the tequila you and your friends could want! Jive with the lively music and enjoy the rounds of endless tequila tastings. This event is perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties throughout the summer. Make sure that you grab a discount on event tickets here.


You can be social, connect with the people around you, and most importantly create lasting memories. What’s a bachelor or bachelorette party without a glass of tequila, right? It's an ideal exciting combination to spice up your special party! Above all, the party’s vibe fits flawlessly with the summer season.


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3. Anniversaries With A Twist! Join A Fancy Air Show Charity Yacht Party!

Location: The Valara VI, 1559 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605



Create memories and enjoy drinks with family and friends at a yacht party


Want to make your wedding anniversary special? Imagine celebrating in the middle of a beautiful river or sea while enjoying the nearby festivities. In case you plan on celebrating in Chicago, don’t miss out on the annual Chicago Air Show! You can now celebrate both together with the 2019 Chicago Air Show Charity Yacht Party. Get a discount off your tickets when you click here.


Yacht parties guarantee comfort and fun, plus you also have the best view of the air show! Experience entertainment, an amazing air spectacle, and a hosted bar. The cruise is about 4 hours long with a food buffet to keep you on your toes. Add a new twist to your anniversary party with this event.


4. Celebrate Life Changes And Job Promotions At A Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival

Location:  Happening in numerous locations/cities.



With the changing of seasons and career improvements, consider celebrating

with a whiskey festival!


Happy about your latest job promotion? If you feel like celebrating like there’s no tomorrow with friends and endless drinks, then the 2019 Fall Whiskey Tasting Festival should be on your list. Just as the fall welcomes the changing of the seasons, you can welcome your successful job promotion with open arms.


Try out new whiskey flavors and meet new people when attending events like these, and don’t forget to save with our ticket discounts here. The whiskey tasting will last for 2 hours with featured food and drink specials. There are also giveaways for VIP perks and a contest to win a Trip To Bourbon Trail!


4. Have A Spooktacular Halloween With A Thrilling Bar Crawl

Location:  Happening in numerous locations/cities.



Take your Halloween party to another level with a bar crawl


Do you want to take your Halloween party to the next level? The 2019  Halloween Bar Crawl is just what you need to take your regular party up a notch! Halloween bar crawl events can give you and your friends a whole new experience on this drinking adventure. Pick from Friday events or Saturday!


Party all night and drink up at this event, and don’t forget to dress up for a chance to win the Best Halloween Costume Contest! With $1,000 total up for grabs, this is something you don’t want to miss. Bring home cash and instant bragging rights for conquering the bars on Halloween night! Get your Halloween Bar Crawl discount here.


5. Welcome The New Year With An Unforgettable New Year's Eve (NYE) Bar Crawl Party!

Location:  Happening in numerous locations/cities.



It’s all about parties on New Year’s Eve. Make sure you join in at one of the best in your city!


If you’re planning on having a rocking New Year’s Eve party, the 2020  New Year's Eve (NYE) Bar Crawl is more than happy to accommodate you! Hop from one bar to another while you wait for the iconic New Year’s Eve countdown. Enjoy drinks and specials while you create exciting memories and make new friends even as the year ends.


Enjoy drink specials at $3, $4, and $5 at the bars with no cover! The champagne toast is something to look forward to as the clock hits midnight. Tickets are priced from $24 to $29, and not only is this sure to be a great time, but a portion of the proceeds will also go to charity. Get your tickets on an amazing discount here.


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Want To Party With Us? Don't Worry, We Got You!


We’re all about the fun memories you create here at Social Scene. We make sure that you experience only the best at our events! Parties can connect people effectively by helping you meet and form connections with other people, and we value that a lot!


We firmly believe in building strong connections, and we’re glad to provide you with a platform where people can be brought together. It’s our job to facilitate and give you a stage to expand your connections through memorable and enjoyable events like our parties!


Don’t hesitate to make memories with us at these special parties! All you need to do is to join, have the best time of your life, and bond with others, and we’ll do the rest!


Ready to party with us? Contact us here and we’ll send you our exclusive list of events, plus discounts for you and your friends! To stay updated on the latest events, don't forget to subscribe and be the first to know what’s the hottest event near you.


And don’t forget to visit our shop, where we’ll give you a special discount code that takes 50% off on your very first order!



About Social Scene


Social Scene creates a “scene” -- an environment to connect people, build relationships and create memories -- through online campaigns and on-premise social events. We focus on providing exposure to our partnering brands, venues, and clients so that they can connect with a great social audience through Experiential Marketing.


Social Scene builds brand awareness for partnering venues and brands, connecting them with a targeted audience to build relationships and create memories. Visit BeSocialScene.com for the most up-to-date events and to become a partner in a future experience.


Want to build a live or online experience around your company’s brand or venue? Email connect@besocialscene.com or send a message directly at BeSocialScene.com. Be Social. Be Seen.










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