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Connect To Balance - Balance To Experience

Connect to balance and balance to experience. What’s on your agenda for the day, week and month ahead? So many more people are planning their lives around fruitful experiences and connections. It seems doing so provides a balance to the real world; the rat race we are all living in.


Nothing nowadays can beat hanging with friends and loved ones experiencing something new. Social Scene is all about connecting and because of it we have create a movement - the Be Social Movement. By sharing experiences with your network more people have the opportunity to connect with others and be social and you have a chance to earn money for every ticket sold. Learn more below!


In current times, there are more options. Years ago, travel wasn’t so frequent, experiencing something new; whether it be an explorative endeavor in nature, traveling to a far away country or simply gathering one or even a large group of friends to take on the evening enjoying a paint night, plant night, or food tour wasn’t so indulged by the masses. Really, all those experiences didn’t even exist. Somehow, the big spenders (millennials) now known to soon conquer the population of the baby boomers, came to an understanding that making the big dollars 😉  only meant something, if you could enjoy it. No need to work to own “things,” but working to marvel in the endless joys of life was more important. In turn, the result? Brands had to consider this new reality to maintain success. According to Forbes, 78% of the millennial population would choose to spend money on an experience over buying to own.  


Brands have to consider creating a memory igniting a reason to purchase. So tasting events have become a new norm. Learn how to connect brands to consumers and enjoy it while you do it. Click below to sign up to the Event Academy!

Event Tasting



What does that mean for for you? Having the knowledge that experiences mean more will bind the gap. Knowing experiences are more rewarding, more memorable and a useful investment will move the mind to create differently. So how do you incorporate experiences in a brand, in a venue space, in retail, in life?


Step out of the realm of the known - gauge interests and create a concept. That is what the new generation will perfect, but in the meantime, let’s make sure we are all going in the right direction.

The direction of connections. The direction of being social. The direction to share more. Share more experiences. Click below to learn how to earn money by being a part of the Be Social Movement. 


Main points to remember to attracting consumers to your brand

Connect to the heart of the consumer

Find something that will encourage balance in their lives

Create an experience that incorporates all of the above

Tamika Carlton
National Sales & Experiential Event Manager
Social Scene

Social Scene (BeSocialScene.com) - An online and on-site solution to corporate event planning and brand building! Build your brand with your team, current clients, future clients or the community around you! We work with you to produce custom online and offline experiential concepts to build your brand!


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