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Content Creates The Relationship

When you think about how close you are with a friend, colleague, boss, family member, is it not related to the time and experiences spent with that individual? When you build your social media following, interact and engage with your responses, is it not the content that further drives the engagement? Our relationships, online or off, are built or broken with content.

Political, social, religious, educational, our content defines who we are, the values we believe in and the people we associate with. So if the content defines future experiences, can we not define and project how we want those future experiences to play out?

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Event Tasting


At Social Scene, we love social and we love to create positive experiences that bring people together not just on one occasion but always planning many more to come. Our excitement in creating an experience, greeting a guest or interacting with a client, plays an important part in how the entire experience starts and finishes.

We educate our team to find positive solutions onsite and leading up to events that lead to more enjoyable experiences. We pride ourselves in learning about issues, asking questions, so we not only remedy any issues but we learn to avoid them as well as provide amazing experiences for  future concepts. If we can channel our success, learn from our short falls, then we have the ability to determine our destiny and outcomes; providing an amazing experience and connection for our audience.


The success for a night out, an event you attend or party you put on, starts with you. By creating that content, showing your passion and love for the project and people you are entertaining, you can determine the success of the experience. When someone smiles, it is contagious and when someone complains, it also has the same growing effect.

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By exuding the energy and excitement that you want to experience, you can create that experience for yourself and those all around you. So the next time you are at that party, event, social gathering, think about the content you are exuding. Know, that if you decide you are going to have the best night ever, you will, and all those around you will feel the excitement you possess and enjoy the relationship they share with you.

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William Holdeman
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Social Scene


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