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Experience Chicago’s #1 Pizza Party



Chicago’s number one pizza party is back to take food lovers and fans of the all-time favorite to an experience featuring the newest recipes in town. It’s the Chicago Pizza Party happening at Ravenswood Event Center on February 10.

The city’s premier pizza party will showcase a gastronomic affair featuring 20 of the best pizzerias with local breweries set to serve up beer, plus heart-warming desserts. It will be an unforgettable journey across your palates with lots of fun games, photo booths and the hottest music mixes to spice up the evening.

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Chicago’s Love For Great Pizza

Pizza has been embedded in the history of this Windy City, not to mention how the bread topped with your favorite kitchen delights has also become part of its booming tourism. Locals and international visitors alike drop by Chicago’s several pizza joints to have a taste at what the world considers as one of the prime locations of the freshly baked delight.

It’s a splash of flavor as Chicago takes pride in being one of the honorable recipients of this iconic Italian tradition. The classic deep dish pizza is proof that the city is able to bake their own original taste that is proudly one-of-a-kind.




Best Pie In Chi

Now before you go reserving your tickets for this exciting pizza party, it will be good to know which restaurants are participating to serve pizza fresh off the oven. Be sure to save room as the line-up will have restaurants all vying to be named as “Best Pie In Chi.”

Among the brands making their way to the pizza party include Angelo’s Stuffed Pizza, Bacci, Brick’s Wood Fired Pizza Cafe, Bottled Blonde, Forno Rosso, Home Run Inn, and Labriola. If you couldn’t get enough, restaurants such as Kings, Pie Eyed Pizza, Punky’s Pizza & Pasta, Salerno’s Pizza, The Warehouse Bar & Pizzeria, Root’s Handmade Pizza, Bartoli’s Pizzeria, Legno & Lou Malnati’s, and Longacre Pizza Box are also on the list. Now that is truly something to look forward to.

The event will run in two sessions. The first gathers participants of all ages from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Meanwhile, the second session is exclusive for 21 years old and above, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Ticket to the Chicago pizza party includes entry with three floors packed with games and music, discounted transportation, special access to after parties, and more. Buy your tickets now!

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Pizza Festival Experience

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