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Feature Your Brand At Live Events



Is Your Brand Ready To Embrace Experiential Marketing -- Marketing Through Live Events?


You can always find special ways to promote your brand to the audience you want. Want to stand out? Experiential marketing (marketing through experiences and events) is the way to go! Let us help market your brand with live events.

Experiential marketing is a powerful tool for brand awareness, especially when you learn how to use it well. Social Scene works hand in hand with Experiential Marketing -- we’re dedicated to using digital marketing and on-premise experiences of visitors to create a lasting impression.

We help customers experience your products or services up close, encouraging engagement. Through immersion and the creation of unforgettable events, customers relate with what they see, thus forming commitment and loyalty between customer and brand.


Feature your brands at our events and connect with your target audience. Sign up today with no fees involved! Click below!

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Why Live Events?

Live Events Leave A Good Impression On People


Live events are just as influential as social media, according to the 2018 Experiential Marketing Statistics. 98 percent of consumers create digital or even social content at the events that they go to. And a hundred percent of this digital and social content gets shared online!

We had an attendee at Social Scene’s 2019 Denver Winter Whiskey Tasting Festival who said one of her favorite things about these events is observing interactions between people. Tastings gather different individuals from many walks of life and help them relate through common ground.




Jimador Tequila Pouring For A Tequila Lover!


The attendee also pointed out that she appreciated seeing the vendors. She liked how the vendors pour passion and meaning into each and every product they sell. Being there in person and feeling how the vendors want her to experience the drinks made the event memorable for her.



 Cold Spell Representing Their Brand


Another attendee gushed about how he's excited to learn about different types of whiskeys and how they are aged. It also came as a pleasant surprise to him that there were a lot of tasty and affordable drinks.



 Journeyman Distillery Showcasing Their Whiskeys



Statistics show that 93 percent of consumers claim they’ve been significantly influenced by attending live events. This is far more effective than seeing brands in TV and internet ads.

Live events give vendors the chance to show prospective clients what makes their products special and what the brand represents. It’s also a good place to show customers that not all good drinks should be expensive.

Social Scene paves the way for consumers to interact with the brands they are interested in, and we work to achieve a positive outcome for both parties.

Experiential marketing (live events) is the key to grasping the short attention span of American customers and helping them pay attention to what the brand is all about.


Live Events Create Tangible Happenings



We guide you in creating an environment wherein the brand leaves a mark in customers’ minds. The unique live event experience gives your customers, clients and potential prospects a tangible happening.

Customers use all the senses to engage with the brand and enjoy your products on a more personal level.

Create an online campaign, start a charity event, host parties, facilitate tours, and do anything else under the sun!

We are here to connect your brand with your target market on the premises. For Social Scene, it is essential to build a strong bond in order to create loyalty within your clientele; we call it, “building the bridge between online engagement and on-premise interaction.”

Around 95 perfect of marketers agree that these live events give attendees a golden opportunity to form connections in-person with what they are buying. In this all-digital world we live in, you can give them something real, something to touch and something to connect with!



Brand Authenticity Can Be Exhibited Through Live Events

Experiential marketing (live events) is where customers get to see, smell, hear, touch and taste brands. You will know if a brand is good or not by how authentic they feel; these events allow you to tell your story through your brand.

An authentic brand is one that tells a good story and takes the customers on a journey with them. No one can tell the story behind your product better than you.

Uninterrupted conversations, sharing of beliefs, and common understanding is the stepping stones to creating brand loyalty.

In order to imprint a powerful message and a strong and lasting memory to your customers, showcase your brand at tasting events. Build and strengthen the connection that you have with prospects. Make sure that they can experience your brand the way that you want them to.

Don't miss out on the best tastings in town and make sure that your brand is one of them!


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Need Online Promotions? We got you!  

We feature your brand online (through social media, emails, and blogs), helping with lasting exposure on the web and of course getting more people to take interest in what you have to offer even before you arrive at our tasting event. The more exposure online and on-premise, the more of a lasting impression is made on consumers.


The value created by attending a live event to showcase your brand or creating a custom experience for consumers to enjoy provides a deeper connection and more time to fully share your story. At Social Scene, we could not recommend this type of engagement highly enough, especially to a very targeted audience.


Connecting The Brand, Creator, and Audience

It takes a very special reason to create and build a business and brand. No one can share a personal brand story quite as you can. The question is, how best will you deliver the message? Hours can go into advertisements online, on TV, and on the radio.

Depending on your time and budget, what resources do you have to spend? How many customers do you need to start making an impact? Does your product need to be tasted before people will purchase a bottle or order a drink?

At Social Scene, we know that engagements lead to sales. We know time, money and resources are limited. This is why we feature your brand through a variety of methods (emails, blogs, social media and more) to engage a targeted customer.

We then invite a customer that spends money to interact with your product. They can connect for themselves what flavor, story, and brand best connect with them. What is the value in this? This customer eliminates their own objections on buying and spends money on your brand.

You could reach thousands if not millions of people through a variety of advertising mediums, but are they even the right customer?


Brand Exposure Through Experiential Marketing

Designing impressive visual experiences is essential for customers to appreciate your brand. Your brand will gain exposure through onsite and on-premise content in an opportunity to garner interest from attendees in hopes of turning them into repeat buyers.

As a good friend and whiskey distiller shared with us, “Shots move cases, but bottles move pallets.” Let us help in the process of adding a bottle of your brand to the shelves of customers.




Think of the times you’ve had the chance to taste a product, speak to a representative, or touch a particular item, and how much that meant to you.

The Apple Store is a great example of encountering electronic products. Or what about a personal stylist in a retail store who presents items specifically for your interests? The goal is to create a true connection and leverage this feeling to convey experience and trust in your field. Live events allow for an intimate experience, an opportunity to see your customers and tell them your story. This, to Social Scene, is priceless and helps grow your brand for years to come. It is the story and connection that matters on-premise.

Through content creation centered on experiences online and experiential live events, we bring together an audience that in turn will develop a true interest in purchasing your products.


Target The Right Audience With Experiential Marketing

You need to be specific in selling your brand since you’re looking at capturing the attention of a market. Experiential (live) events attract a niche market with help from digital marketing. This is where Social Scene sees the importance of curating just the right online content to grab your audience’s attention from the get-go and bring a niche customer on-premise.

Tasting events, for example, use experiential marketing (live events) to reach out to people who are interested in tequila, whiskey, wine, and similar products As long as the event is specifically targeted to a group of people, attendees at these events can be potential long-term and loyal purchasers.

Once you capture your niche customers’ attention and create that connection, there is a much greater chance of reselling to them or introducing your other products: you have already built trust in your relationship.





Feature your brands at our events and connect with your target audience. Sign up today with no fees involved! Click below!

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Experiential Marketing Leads to Affordable Costs

What is your budget? How many customers are you trying to reach? How much time do you have to build out the concept?

Showcasing your product at a tasting can solve many of these questions at a very affordable price, while still leaving you time to focus on the other needs of the business.

At a competitive cost, experiential live events give hours of uninterrupted exposure to your niche and potential audience.

Grow your business and create a memory with targeted content meant for a targeted audience.




Experiential Marketing Improves Customer Retention

Using other platforms of marketing may hinder the results that you need. Of course, everyone is looking to break through the Digital world, but there’s one problem. There’s a disconnect between the brand and the consumer online.

Physical connection strengthens retention and this is Experiential Marketing. Live events like tastings lets you have the full attention of your attendees. This increases the personal connection that they have for the event as long as they desire to.

Nothing lingers in the mind like that of experiential marketing. This is why we trust that attendees tend to vividly remember brands through interaction. It is also likely that they will remember the product after the event ends and will continue their purchase.


Post Production Familiarity

Brand interaction is the way to create brand loyalty in your customer, and we can give you a chance to try it out.

Social Scene sees the creation of live events, online engagement, customer relations, and analytics as ways to help you gain the brand loyalty that you need from your customers. We give you insights about your brand to help you grow and expand your business. We connect people, build relationships and create memories with online content and on-premise interaction.




Customer Feedback

After events, Social Scene encourages feedback, using surveys to know what the venues, participating brands and attendees’ thoughts are. This is another great opportunity Social Scene attempts to engage the audience with our participating partners. We strongly suggest getting feedback anytime you can. We always feel this allows us to learn and creates a stronger bond with your audience that you care.

We pay attention to customer feedback and how it can help improve your brand. Feedback is an opportunity to communicate with your customers through strong conversations.

Below are types of feedback that we suggest to see how the experiential (live) event has impacted on the participating brands:

  • Product feedback
  • Customer satisfaction feedback
  • Brand loyalty feedback
  • Sales feedback

Boosting your sales in the future requires a focus on experiential marketing. Without first trying out your brand, learning the story and getting exposure, how is someone expected to pay $30-$60 to put your bottle on their shelf. Experiential marketing is done through grocery store tastings, specials at bars/restaurants, special custom activation and tasting/festival events. We strongly encourage experiential (live) experiences and events to get immediate feedback you can use to grow your brands integration into the marketplace. Just like in school, “you are not the only person with that question,” much of this sample size feedback can be used to cater to larger marketing campaigns.

More importantly, be aware of what needs to be done for improvement and what your customers are looking forward to seeing in your brand. Connect to people, build relationships and create memories with your customers. This is our ‘why’ for everything we do!


Create the best memories and get your exclusive discounts to your inbox! How? Try it by subscribing for free below!



About Social Scene

Social Scene creates a social “scene”: an environment to connect people, build relationships and create memories through online campaigns and on-premise social events. Our focus is on providing exposure to our partnering brands, venues, and clients to connect with a great social audience through experiential marketing.

Social Scene builds awareness for partnering venues and brands, connecting them with a targeted audience to build relationships and create memories. Visit BeSocialScene.com for the most up to date events and to partner on an upcoming experience.

Want to build a live or online experience around your company’s brand or venue? Email connect@besocialscene.com or send a message directly at BeSocialScene.com. Be Social. Be Seen.











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