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Feature your Venue at a Tasting Event

It can be tough to build the perfect venue to please everyone, right? Not to mention to piece together all the moving pieces and get people to discover you.

Such a task takes dedication, focus, and creativity, right? You’ve outfitted your place with simply the best when it comes to amenities, you bought expensive seats and tables, plus you’re located in one of the busiest neighborhoods in town! It’ll be hard for anyone to refuse your venue, right?



Guests Enjoying drinks and good company at Blake Street Tavern 


Or that’s the hope. The issue lies in figuring out how to become a packed house, all the time. When that doesn’t happen, expenses grow and profits become an issue, and questions surely arise. What do you think is missing? What’s the next step and where do you start?

People need to know about your venue in order for them to visit. How do you entice new customers to your venue and make them choose your place among so many others?

Are you exhausted from all the efforts you’ve made and just want to promote your venue better?

Social Scene wants to help you get out of this limbo by featuring your venue at a tasting event!

As I’m sure you already know, there is more to it than just telling people that your venue is open, ready to take some orders and prepared to serve some drinks!

In most cases, if not all, you have to create lasting memories and connect with your potential customers. This is what experiential marketing is for, and this is what lasting businesses do -- provide a true and memorable experience.


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Be Visible! Let Us Widen Your Exposure Online With Little To No Cost!


Get your venue out there and catch people's interest to book your venue, attend events hosted there and frequent your space. We at Social Scene believe in experiential marketing and how it influences the prospect’s decision on whether or not to book and frequent your venue.

In this day and age, it is imperative to be active and visible online in order to get the right attention. It is where branding matters, where competition may beat you, and where time needs to be spent in developing digital marketing strategies that matter.

Having memorable, relevant and constant online content shows that your venue is up to date and an appealing place to be. The more your prospects/customers see your space mentioned online and know about your venue’s availability, the more they will consider you the place to be and think of it, when looking to head out on the town. Isn’t that what you want?




Serene and beautiful view from the Estate


Social Scene has built out the ability to promote your venue through our many social media and advertising channels. When you partner with us, we help you create an impressive and lasting impression for your customers online and on-premise.


We Care About Providing Value To Your Venue


We provide value to your space without having you spend an unnecessary amount of money. How do we do that? Experiential marketing backed with online marketing strategies and on-premise events are the keys to building a great customer base.

You can expect professional and personable communication from us. Our goal is to get you the exposure you desire without having to spend the dollars you wish to avoid. Imagine your venue being tagged on social media by a company with an active following already. Imagine doing a Google search on your venue and there you are, one of the top queries. This is what we help to do.

We grasp what it means to be remembered. We are firm believers in the experience, in the ability to stand out among the rest because of customer connections and loyalty. This is a top priority on our list and making lasting connections should be on your list too.

So what does this mean to you? Think about having your venue filled during off-peak Saturday hours, that feed into your peak hours. We are dedicated to creating an experience that embodies your space; we listen, and communicate weekly, to make sure that every venue that partners with us is promoted true to its identity.

Social Scene creates meaningful content that shows the audience how enjoyable it is to venture to your place, and how events held there are experiences they don’t want to be missed. Let us highlight and feature the best aspects of your venue and what visitors can look forward to when going there.


Customer And Product Face To Face Encounters Are Highly Regarded By Our Team



Hype up your parties at Concrete Cowboy



Through experiential marketing, customers get to enjoy your venue in real time, face to face. We call it experiential marketing, and it is highly effective. We create the bridge from digital online engagements to on-premise social interactions, that allows customers to see, feel, and come in contact with your venue, and most importantly create memories from it.

Tasting events are just one example of bringing people together to socialize at a certain place. Social Scene is more than happy to help you bring attendees into your venue so that they can engage with your services, offerings, staff, and space first hand.

Our team at Social Scene helps you increase sales as the hosting venue during a tasting experience. Experiential marketing helps get that face to face influence., then Social Scene helps you with your online presence through our social content, third-party marketing sites, advertising and online promotions.

With all of these factors combined, we are able to assist you head-on in marketing your venue and generating the eyes that can create the best sales outcomes for the coming days, weeks, months, and even years ahead.


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We Can Increase Guest Familiarity With Your Venue



Expect a homey and cozy atmosphere at Bottled Blonde


Guests are more likely to visit a venue again after they have gone to it for the first time. An unknown space does nothing for you, but with limited, if any, costs to you, Social Scene can provide your customers with a wonderful first experience. Then customers won’t hesitate to check out your future events and recommend your eats and space to friends -- and why wouldn’t they stop by on a special occasion too?

Word of mouth is important and repeat business means more dollars created. Knowing that adding certain elements to your venue to help attendees remember your space weeks later is essential. Be creative and make sure that memories of your space stay etched into people’s minds when they think about their next social time out.

We are here to help you do just that with tastings! We can help you recognize what is special about you! By featuring your venue and highlighting interesting tidbits that make it special, people’s curiosities are heightened and it gives them more reason to visit and return.



We’re Here To Help Ease Your Marketing Budget



Celebrate your best at the Ginn Mill


Every establishment has its own take on marketing and this requires some spending. If you’re a new bar or restaurant, you need to ramp up marketing, but you also need to do this wisely. Most of the time, money is limited, but with the right strategy, you can pull in a good number of customers in no time!

According to Food Newsfeed, new restaurants and related establishments usually allot 25-35 percent of their budget to marketing. The startup is the most delicate phase of a business. Those with a lower set of competition start with 25 percent, but when you’re up against a lot of competition in the area, you might end up spending nearly 35 percent of the gross revenue you make. Are you spending this much on marketing and advertising to draw in a constant customer?

Growing businesses tone down to 12-18 percent of marketing expenditure. When your business gets a higher profit margin, it makes it easier for you to control what you spend on marketing. Most small businesses have a profit margin of 10-12 percent, and it can be even less for restaurants. Businesses that have become stagnant or are declining tend to spend 3-10 percent more to improve marketing. If you do not have a marketing budget, we can trade space for exposure!

Know you have a partner you can rely on and let us lend you a hand with your business. Marketing matters a lot in building up a name and getting people to notice what you have to offer. With the right strategy and the right partnership, you will eventually climb your way to stability.


So on that note, would you like to join us for an upcoming tasting?

We are here for YOU!

We offer great marketing exposure, without having to worry about your marketing budget.

We understand your budget concerns, which is the reason we do this for businesses in all stages. Partnering with us costs nothing and will not hurt your budget. We’re here to give you a platform to show your customers why your venue should be on their radar.


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Throw Away Worries About Ad Costs

It may sound too good to be true, but hey, it’s true!

You don't need to worry about any type of costs when having your venue featured during a tasting. We make sure that it’s all free of charge and you get the best out of the deal!

We can’t tell all the secrets here, but please feel free to touch base with our team here!

The challenge for most business owners is how they can lower their costs in marketing and get more revenue. This is what tasting events can offer you -- with limited costs, you get a quality crowd coming in to spend!

It’s about time that the world gets to know your venue and everything that you have to offer.

Check out our promo reel from past tasting events and feel free to reach out to get a calendar of our upcoming events and be added to the itinerary!


With our expertise in the digital and on-premise marketing experience, we know it's important to understand one fact: experiential marketing works as a component to fuel a lasting business model. Tasting events may not show an instant large return, but please stay confident -- the effect gradually grows over time and helps you build the presence of your venue, brand as well as guest satisfaction in the future.

Social Scene believes that creating a deeper connection with your customers and involving them with the product itself is always the best foundation for loyalty to your brand (in this case your venue).

We are all about our why for everything we do, connecting people, building relationships and creating memories.


Feature your venue at our events and connect with your target audience. Sign up today with no fees involved! Click below!



About Social Scene

Social Scene creates a social “scene”: an environment to connect people, build relationships and create memories through online campaigns and on-premise social events. Our focus is on providing exposure to our partnering brands, venues, and clients to connect with a great social audience through experiential marketing.

Social Scene builds brand awareness for partnering venues and brands, connecting them with a targeted audience to build relationships and create memories. Visit BeSocialScene.com for the most up to date events and to partner on an upcoming experience.

Want to build a live or online experience around your company’s brand or venue? Email connect@besocialscene.com or send a message directly at BeSocialScene.com. Be Social. Be Seen.










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