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Feels Good To Run! Do A 5k!

Feels great to be fit. Feels even better to run a mile and breathe a little easier. How about the chance to run 3 or 5 or 7 or even more miles?!


Running events didn’t use to be such a fad or something to do on a Saturday morning in cities across the country, but something happened.


Interests were sparked and fitness became just like anything else, another experience. According to the Telegraph Media Group, a record 247,069 people applied for a place in the 2016 London marathon. Requiring little equipment or organization, running is the world’s most accessible and fastest-growing physical fitness activity. 

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Running is another opportunity to be amongst friends and family and accomplish something deemed to be worthwhile and really experience anew. Whether you are speeding past everyone in the fast lane to the left, or making progress with the pack or straggling behind, with an endless hope to just...make it. Make it to the end and cross the finish line. There is something to be said once you do, no matter the after effect.


As you can imagine, running also has some great health benefits that are worthwhile for the long haul. 

Knocking an achievement off of your list of things to do, and to have shared it with some folks you kinda like is pretty great! ;)

Full speed ahead to the country’s top 4 runs

1. Carlsbad 5000

This Spring Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series is a 5k Race deemed the fastest 5K happening in San Diego. Remember to bask in the gorgeous weather and Pacific Ocean beaches in the city before and after the race.


2. Hot Chocolate 5k Chicago

Chicago is known for plenty. It's food, activities and windy city chill, but the Hot Chocolate 5k offers runners a chance to get to know downtown Chicago from a runners perspective AND you get to flush the flow of soreness down with a dose of hot chocolate at the finish line!


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3. BAA 5k

Okay, so you don't want to run a marathon yet, but you do want to feel the success of crossing the same finish line that Boston Marathoners cross? Join the BAA crew and do just that. The route takes you through the same line, Newberry Street and Boston Public Gardens. 


4. Rock 'n' Roll 5k Las Vegas

Duh, take a gamble, rock to your fave tunes and roll yourself across the completion line in Vegas?! Kinda corny, but hey, why not run in Vegas? The temperature will be nice. Drinks of celebration after (at your own discretion) and oooh it's a night run with some celebrity sightings too! Let's get it!


 Maybe you will sign up for one or a whopping two?!


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