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Get Paid For Inviting Friends



Social Scene and Eventbrite present the Attendee Affiliate Program, a special package that provide guests an opportunity to earn while enjoying the events. From bar crawls to spirit tastings, Social Scene takes you on an experience with many brands and new people you can connect with. Now, it is even more exciting with a collaboration like no other.

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Earn By Inviting Colleagues

Get paid for bringing your friends to bar crawls, tequila tastings, whiskey festivals, wine events, and holiday affairs with the Attendee Affiliate Program. It lets you earn shares from ticket sales as you invite friends and colleagues to participate in these celebrations with you.

The referral fee for the program is $5 per ticket sold over $10. Guests simply need to invite attendees to sign up using the Affiliate link listed on the Referrals page. You then become an Affiliate Program owner and are given access to a tracking URL where you can manage these earnings. Start sharing the tracking URL which will also send updates as soon as someone buys tickets through the link.

Payments are made to you by the Affiliate Program owner via Paypal unless otherwise stated in the affiliate program invitation. Make sure that your Paypal account email address on your referrals page is correct to receive the money.

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Engage With Communities

Give yourself time to make lasting connections with communities you can call your own. Participants can enjoy these events with a group of people who share the same interests.

Social Scene events are organized in such a way that participants can discuss amongst themselves during liquor tastings and create new circles in bar crawls, and bond through the experience with once thought to be strangers.. Inviting people close to you will make such experiences even better. The Affiliate Program also allows owners to track the attendee sign-ups, so you have a personal guest list.


Enjoy Countless Events

Connecting colleagues and building relationships with clients are part of what Social Scene is all about. Aside from the fun part, these events are designed to communicate not just with the brands and the organizers, but also with the people you trust.

Social Scene from name to design embodies the infinite life connection between creating a scenic visual content to bringing people together and creating memories through experiences, a lasting infinite connection. To register for the Affiliate Program, visit us at our website.

Share events with your network and earn money for every ticket sold!










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