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How to Build Content to Keep Audience Engaged

How to Build Content to Keep Audience Engaged

The competition of catching the attention of the online audience is at its peak. Marketers use content to reach their potential market, and for this, they invest heavily in content – quality content in fact.

What is quality content? Quality content has two main qualities: its error free and engaging. Errors in a piece of content can be avoided with good command over the language and proofreading the content, but how to build content to keep the audience engaged? Well! building an engaging piece of content is a completely different chapter.



Creating engaging content is not as difficult as many of you might be thinking. While writing content, if you take care of few things, you can write quality content that can engage your audience as well.


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Here is how you can build content to keep your audience engaged:

Choose an Attractive Headline:

The headline of any piece of content is the first thing that your audience is going to notice. Choose a headline that grabs the attention of your readers instantly and invites them to read further.

Write a headline that:

Gives a fair idea about the main content

Uses your focused keyword

Encourages the readers to share it

If you fail to come up with an attractive and eye-catching headline, you might lose a lot of readers. Therefore, invest your time in playing with words and come up with a great headline. 

Use Related Videos:

It is evident from many studies that content with videos attracts 3 times more readers than plain text does. You don’t necessarily need to produce your videos. You can use any relevant existing video (with credits mentioned) in your content.

Next time, when you are writing a piece of content, don’t forget to find some ways to add a couple of interesting videos to it.


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Write in a Conversational Tone:

Content with too formal tone is usually hard to get digested by the readers. To connect with your readers, use a friendly conversational tone, as you are talking to someone. It helps the readers to feel easy and encourages them to get involved in your content.

Take it easy! You are not writing a textbook.

Encourage Readers to Share your Content:

When you write valuable quality content, your audience wants to share it. Use social media buttons on your web page to make sharing easy for them. It helps them in sharing with a single button.



Provide Facts and Numbers:

Adding researches, reports, studies, and scientific evidence to your content add credibility to it. When you add a proof to support your claim, you can convince your readers easily. Try to include links from credible sources. It also helps in improving your ranking on search engines.


When you are passionate about a topic, you deliver the best engaging content. While writing, make sure that you know your audience well. You know what their problems are, and how can you help them in sorting out those problems.


We are launching an Academy to help people connect, build and create great memories for people in your city. Join the movement below!

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