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Join a tequila tasting as a brand benefits

Does your tequila brand have more to offer than just margarita? There’s plenty of tequila lovers all over the world and a good number them are thirsty to try more tequila varieties. There’s a lot to discover about tequila that you really shouldn't pass up the chance to introduce your brand to the right tequila enthusiasts.


According to data by bw166, the average spending of consumers for beverage alcohol in the US has a steady increase over the past twelve months between 2018 to 2019. The legal drinking age population has constantly grown about 19.6% with a 20.7% increase in alcohol servings.


That should be the market that you have to tap into this year!


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The liquor market is divided into many niches and you have to set your eyes on the portion that gives you high net worth. Reach out to paying customers! Those who are willing to spend and know the worth of your brand.


Social Scene believes that a good way to touch the heart of prospects is to give them a type of marketing experience they can’t get from regular advertisements. If you provide services or sell your own brand of tequila, you have to make sure that you’re working with people who will reciprocate your efforts.


Benefits of Introducing Your Brand in Tequila Tastings




Tequila, a popular agave-based spirit is often used in cocktails. The drink has an impressive line of variety and taste profiles. The drink also tends to be more affordable when sold on its own.


What’s a better way to showcase what tequila can offer than a fun tequila tasting event? Tastings are great openings to gather people who are dedicated to learning everything about tequila.


Why are tequila tastings effective?


It’s a Way to Connect With Your Audience




Organizing tequila tastings is a great opportunity to get attention and gain potential clients. You can start knowing your audience whilst planning the tasting event. Go for an audience that has a keen interest in purchasing your brand.


Filter out prospects and only send invitations to the specific segment of your client base that is interested in tequila.


Tequila tastings let you have the option of planning the event according to the level of tequila knowledge your audience has.


Try organizing tequila tastings that are targeted for novices or geared toward the pros. Novice tequila tastings usually focus on introducing the different flavors of the tequila, while the experienced audience expects to learn more about how the brand is created and the process that comes with it. By setting the appropriate stage, you can effectively share your message with an audience that is open to accept your message.


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You’re Able to Collect Consumer Data




One of the goals of tequila tasting events is to know what the consumers want. How can you do this by hosting a tasting event for your brand? By just seeing the attendees arrive at the event, you can already have an idea about what segment of the market is interested in your brand.


As your attendees go around and taste the tequilas of their choice, it's a chance for you to see what tequila varieties they prefer. You’re also able to see which tequila varieties they are willing to purchase. The more attendees that come, taste, and purchase, the more data you have in your hands.


No more need for long surveys or interviews. With tasting events, you can already see and have a record of what your consumers want.


You Can Tell Your Brand’s Story Directly to Your Market




It can be a challenge to share your story through various advertising mediums. However, when you hold tasting events, you can talk one on one with your audience. There is the power behind brand storytelling, any engaging and attention-grabbing story is enough to entice an audience.


When you know that our brand has a colorful history, you need to share it face to face with your customers. Tequila tasting events will be a perfect stage for this opportunity. Great stories are the pillars of making a great event.


The main aim is for brand exposure and you can use a lot of creative selling techniques as you tell your stories. You can incorporate reliability, connectivity, creative use of a medium to share your stories and leveraging your storytelling to capture your audience’s attention.


Just Enjoy the Event!




We understand that you’re here for business, but social Scene also believes that you need to enjoy what you do in order to convince others! We let you sell your brand through events, and at the same time, we let you enjoy your experience!


Why do we help you do this? It’s all about becoming connected with your audience and we love connecting people!


We are all about our why for everything we do, connecting people, building relationships and creating memories.


Feature your brands at our events and connect with your target audience. Sign up today with no fees involved! Click below!

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About Social Scene

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