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Join a whiskey tasting as a brand benefits

In developing your whiskey brand, what’s the first thing that you think of? It’s getting people to think about your brand immediately especially when they want to purchase whiskey, right?

Brand awareness happens when you work to have your brand out there to get noticed. Mind awareness, on the other hand, is the instance a prospect considers your brand as the top product that they want to buy.


Having a memorable brand is what you should pursue!


Social Scene can you help you achieve this by the aid of Experiential Marketing. Traditional marketing is starting to fade into the shadows and a new direction is emerging which is engaging with the audience.


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The marketing strategy of directly engaging and encouraging customers to participate in brand experience is steadily rising. Social Scene vouches that creating memorable customer experience helps in creating emotional connections between your customers and your brand. This definition is also backed up by marketing professional Esther Sauri from LinkiLaw.


What Your Whiskey Brand Can Benefit from Whiskey Tastings




Whiskey tastings are part of a series of live events where experiential marketing is practiced. There’s a lot of things that you can do when handling live events like creating promotional material like videos.


These campaign videos from whiskey tasting events can help draw in more people to participate. When you can tap into the curiosity of your prospect, you can then give them more reason to try and engage with your brand. Let them engage by going to live events wherein they can freely interact with whiskey brands.


Involve Your Customers With Your Brand Story




Stories can be as animated as you make them be. Whiskey tasting events aren’t only places where people can taste the different whiskey products you present; it’s your stage where you can share your story.


Everyone loves hearing a success story.


Relate how much work and process has gone through to produce the whiskeys with your audience. Humans have been wired to listen to stories, the more interesting it is, the more memorable it becomes.


A good story can equal to building genuine brand connections with your prospects and can help increase your sales. According to digital marketer Niel Patel stories are directly linked to marketing success. A story can connect with the listener, thus the storyteller generates trust from the listener.


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Gain Loyalty for Your Brand Through a Dedicated Audience




Having a group of like-minded people gives you a great opportunity to get the data that you need. Attendees will likely give opinions on whiskeys that they like and those that they feel need improvement.


Dedicated attendees will also tend to buy whiskeys of their choice from the event. From this, you can already collect important information such as, which whiskeys your audience liked and which ones may need to work on.


When people have conversations, sharing their experiences, and experiencing the same moments with your brand, it strengthens their resolve to remember you. You can use the event to be part of their conversation and build necessary relationships to gain loyalty for your brand


Get Sales from Social Engagements




Be the brand that everyone goes to! You can establish your authority through social engagement and have people buy your brand among others. Social interaction can be turned to sales when you use the right strategy.


Whiskey tastings are just one of the many effective gatherings where you can present your product face to face with your audience. You can use the pull of building connections and relationships in order to get them to relate with the brand.


Teach your audience to love your brand!


People can learn how to care and love your products once you have presented it to them in the right way. According to Ryan Erskine, a brand strategist when you share the history and art of what you do to your audience, it can get their questions answered and helps increase your sales and traffic.


In Social Scene we care about building relationships and connections. We believe that this is an important step to build a strong foundation between your brand and your audience.


We are all about connecting people and we value the memories that are created through various enjoyable events that everyone can participate in.


Feature your brands at our events and connect with your target audience. Sign up today with no fees involved! Click below!

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About Social Scene


Social Scene creates a social “scene”: an environment to connect people, build relationships and create memories through online campaigns and on-premise social events. Our focus is on providing exposure to our partnering brands, venues, and clients to connect with a great social audience through experiential marketing.


Social Scene builds brand awareness for partnering venues and brands, connecting them with a targeted audience to build relationships and create memories. Visit BeSocialScene.com for the most up to date events and to partner on an upcoming experience.


Want to build a live or online experience around your company’s brand or venue? Email connect@besocialscene.com or send a message directly at BeSocialScene.com. Be Social. Be Seen.











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