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#MondayBlues Hacks To Stay Positive!

If you find yourself less than enthused for the week ahead come Monday morning, it’s not just you. Turns out keeping a positive outlook is not only a chore, but it can be a downright challenge. That’s not to say you can’t master this common annoyance and come out stronger than ever!




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Coffee, Obviously

This may not come as a shock, but according to the Harvard School of Public Health, coffee provides a significant boost in mood, alertness, and memory.

We recommend you exercise caution and drink in moderation as a double-dose of the stuff will leave you soaked in a puddle of your own overwrought anxiety - not good! 

Establish An AM Achievements Review

Start something that’s actually good for you! Self-esteem is the giant keeping anxiety at bay, and like any other facet of your uniquely magnificent self, it can be strengthened with practice.

Spend potentially dull AM moments daydreaming about what makes you a boss rather than jumping back into bed.

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Be A Positive Presence In Someone Else’s Morning

The first step to turning your slump around, again, starts with you! Based around the concept that what you send out into the world comes back to you, this is a scenario where your pick-me-up efforts can have double the return. 

Tell a parent, partner, sibling, or friend that you love them, or thank friends for the laughs over the weekend!

You'll not only brighten their day with an unexpected salutation, you'll give yourself something to think about other than the inevitable end we are all hurling towards (the work week)! 

Looking forward to the weekend ahead can also help dull the dread of the 40+ hours of bootie busting ahead! Plan something awesome for the weekend you can look forward to!

Find events in your area you can see yourself participating in and live that fantasy all the way through Friday evening!




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