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Reasons To Attend A Tasting Event

Are you a drinking enthusiast? Themed tasting events like that of wine, whiskey, tequila and many more are designed to help you get the chance to try a huge variety of drinks. Imagine discovering a whole new array of flavors and mixes that can all dance on your palette!


Classroom-style wine tasting event at Alpharetta, GA


Put your usual drinks aside for the moment and take the time to join tasting events. Consider attending these kinds of events for a change. Head over to your favorite bars and distilleries to give more diversity to your drinking palette!

Social Scene lists the many benefits you get when experiencing tasting events. Sometimes, it’s not just about drinking, it can also be about memories created, the new friendships formed, the sharing of information and the discovery of new flavors.


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Enjoy These Benefits From Experiencing Tasting Events

Learn To Identify If It’s A Good Drink Or Not



Whiskey bourbon and scotch tasting by The Sommelier Company



The kind of drinks that one person likes highly depends on their taste, but there are also other factors that can make a drink good or not. If you want to learn more about the balance of flavors, the structure of the drink, the fruitiness, level of acidity, bitterness and so on, tastings will be a wonderful training ground for your palate.

Being exposed to so many various drinks actually helps in differentiating one taste from the other. These things can only be experienced well through tasting events since you can pay attention to every detail. There are many sensations in a drink, and you begin to recognize each of them as you experience a variety of liquors.


Even Non-Experts Can Have Fun At Tasting Events

Some people would assume that only those who have above average knowledge about drinks can enter tasting events. This is not true at all! Anyone who is interested in learning or has a passion for drinks is welcome to tasting events.



2020 Winter Whiskey Tasting Festival in Denver, Colorado


Tasting events won’t slap you with any labels like a beginner, intermediate or even advanced.

Having certain knowledge about rinks can definitely help you when tasting liquors in these events but there’s no need to pressure yourself. Tasting events are held and organized in a way that it caters to everyone that wishes to join.

Attendees are highly encouraged to partake in knowledge sharing with other participants as well as socializing. Tasting events don’t have to be too formal, lest it can get too boring. While you get to enjoy tasting the different drinks being served, you can also make friends and acquaintances as the event goes on.


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Know How Much You Should Pay For Drinks

Even if there are plenty of drinks that are affordable, some of them especially good and rare ones can cost a limb. Tastings give you a chance to understand how the process works and why some drinks are priced the way that they are. Reading descriptions of the drinks can only give you the tip of the iceberg and usually you only get the names of the ingredients and the description.


Tastings provide doorways to help you understand a drink’s classification, climate, appellations, countries where they come from, and the makers who create them. These are just some factors that can help you determine how the prices are given for each type of drink. Being a liquor enthusiast, it’s important to know when you should be paying for drinks and when you should get a good deal.


Tastings Give You More Value For Your Money Than Sampling

When you sample your drinks alone, you encounter a lot of limitations. It’s not always practical to get an entire bottle, especially of wine just for tasting? In case you’re used to doing taste tests on your own, you’d find that a lot of the remaining contents go to waste and this is something that tastings can help you avoid.



Corporate Whiskey Tasting Experience by Midland Whiskey Experiences



Tasting drinks alone or together with your friend while both of you have mediocre knowledge about drinks can never turn out too well. Yes in a way it’s still fun, but imagine how much more fun you experience when tasting drinks together with a group of people who have similar or even more knowledge than you when it comes to various drinks?


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Broaden Your Knowledge About Drinks Through Tastings

 The crowd that usually fills up tastings are composed of tasters at different levels. You can take huge advantage and learn from other tasters who have more knowledge than you.



American Whiskey: Wine and Spirits tasting event at The Athenaeum


You can even meet new acquaintances and find friends that have the same interest in drinks like you. Tastings shouldn’t just be a gathering to drink as much as you can, but it should also be a way to connect like-minded people.


There’s nothing better than tasting liquor with the company of tasters who have more history with drinking than you. This helps you train your palate and also understand the meaning behind the flavors of the drinks.


Tastings Help Explore Your Senses

Tastings can be a way to awaken your senses. It’s an advent a lot aboout each drink as you go through tasting them at the event. Tastings are not about being drunk from all the drinks that you have, but it's about getting to know the drink intimately and noting its uniqueness from others.



Wine lovers enjoying South Jersey wine


Things like the color, the bubbles, appearance and more are what you see before you take a sip of the drink. You can determine whether the drinks are spicy, sweet, herbal or even fruity just by smelling them. The density and texture of the drink are then measured by the sense of touch. Your sense of hearing is what you use to listen to the history, production, and uniqueness to the drink. Finally, the taste determines whether or not the drink suits your palate or not.


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Get To Meet People Who Also Have The Same Taste As You

Tastings and other similar experiential events usually have friendly atmospheres. This means that you can talk to the other attendees to know their opinions about the products. You can easily broaden your network and your group of friends just by being in the events themselves.



Attendees enjoying Boulder's Beer, Wine and Spirits served


You get to meet like-minded people in the same events making it a wonderful opportunity to get your thoughts out and discuss them with other people. They will likely be interested in what you say and can also chime in with their own observations; it’s an exchange that you can only experience when you’re in an environment.



The Best Thing About This Is; You Can Simply Have Fun!

Be yourself and have fun! Savor various drinks and learn more about how they are crafted as you go along the tasting event. These events can even be your getaway from the hectic schedules and demands of work or of your lifestyle.



The 2018 Chicago Spring Tequila Tasting Festival

Drinks can be mysterious on their own and you will need to taste them before you judge them. It’s not simply about how the drinks look, they have flavors that you have yet to discover. Tasting events are great ways to tell certain brands apart from each other.

Personalities also exist in each drink and it’s an adventure to go through a group of them. Explore these drinks and get to know them at a personal level.


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