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Take a Risk To Experience Anew

Life can lead you into the unexpected in ways unimaginable, but it is those unexpected moments and risks you take that have the momentum to guide you to a great direction. I say, take a risk and experience anew. Let me tell you why. I think comfort keeps you safe, in a way, but to want to escape a comfortable level and be willing to go with the flow makes for excitement.


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I think of my current situation. Working for a company I  adore and believe in. Planning for a wedding and truly allowing myself to travel and relish in new experiences and opportunities.

To know that every small experience had to align just right to bring me here; to this point.

Just the thought of all my business experiences, schooling, and life happenings prepared me for this very moment, and the thought to be challenging situations. I cannot tell you how many times unhappy customers turned into great friends, television show characters into inspiration; that then became real life connections, and risks taken, that built true business opportunities. Best yet, seven hundred miles of distance, a new location, old friend connected to a new friend that connected me to what I would have never expected.


Just a year ago, I decided to go to Charlotte to attend a college friend's surprise birthday party. Traveling alone, I opened my world to connect to strangers that would take me hiking to Crowders Mountain. We had the opportunity to truly connect and those couple of hours spent turned into a friendship that led me back to Chicago (where I live), a week later, to attend one of her yearly parties. There, with no expectations, but to enjoy myself, I met my now fiancé.


I tell family, friends and strangers alike, the story in a nutshell, and help them to grasp that every piece of my life had to be in order to make the current circumstance. My selected college, my dedication to maintaining a friendship, my openness to a new career, my connection to my current boss that encouraged me to go to Charlotte, the energy to become friends with a new friend, and the energy to attract my partner in life. It was all seamless, without my knowing, but going with the flow allowed it to all occur. 


The point is this, when stepping out of your comfort zone, there are great things to be achieved and wonders to be received. It all just depends on how much you are willing to let go. To give up some control and realize what could very well seem annoying, difficult or even not so important, may actually lead you down the right path.


Create the moment, stay positive, let go, live and smile while you do it. You just may meet the right person that could lead you exactly where you need to be and have always wanted to go.


Tamika Carlton
National Event +Social Media & Sales Manager
Social Scene

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