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Tips On Organizing Your Next Holiday Bar Crawl



For those who have been in the party scene for a long time, the idea of going into the club every weekend may sound boring. This is why many party-goers are now into joining holiday bar crawl events in areas like New York and Las Vegas. It has been attracting more crowds than before and it will certainly hit more cities in the future. Here are the best tips on organizing your own bar crawl.


What Are Bar Crawls?

Bar crawls, or sometimes known as bar-hopping or pub crawls, are events in where participants visit multiple bar locations in one night, usually by foot or by riding public transportation. Every holiday bar crawl experience is unique because you can meet new people and expand your circles. 


Event Planning Tips

1. Thorough Planning Is Key


Las Vegas-Fireworks-tips-organizing-bar-crawl

Planning for an event like this is so much different from organizing a wedding or a birthday party. It takes a lot of logistics to make a holiday bar crawl a successful one. Select the bars that reflect the personality of the party-goers and what the bar crawl is all about. These events may be organized for fund-raising or as a way for office teambuilding.

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Be practical and reasonable. Think about the proximity of these bars within your location and indicate estimated travel time. You may consult with Google Maps and other tools to know the best modes of transportation, bus stops, and more. 


2. Work On A Fantastic Theme


Carry a great theme that will be seen throughout the parties. The theme should both be catchy and cool, as people in the party scene usually hates cliches. Incorporate the theme with freebies like caps, button pins, or even wrist watches. You’ll never know where this will take you. Sometimes, enthusiastic participants will even put up a costume inspired by this. 


3. Include A Food Break In Your Itinerary


Bar crawls last for several hours, and those during the holidays even last longer. It is not good to leave your participants’ appetites hanging so do not create an all-drink party. In your itinerary, schedule a food break where the crowd can pause for a minute to eat. 

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4. Promote Using Social Media


 To get the word out, social media has been a very effective tool. For instance, Facebook has an option that party planners may use to put up their scheduled events and invite people. It is a page where you can share further details, itineraries, and where interested attendees can start conversations.  


5. The More Spontaneous, The Better 


Now that you have the perfect bar crawl itinerary, getting to the letter does not sound good sometimes. The event consists of some traveling but remember, holiday pub crawls are not guided tours. The best moments happen when things get spontaneous, so enjoy unexpected circumstances for your own advantage. 

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As the New Year approaches, so as all these bar crawl events lined up in your area. Social Scene is in the middle of all the action as it happens. You can start registering today for the following holiday bar crawls on our calendar.




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