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We Experience Outdoors

The ability to experience is all around us and the opportunities are endless. There is no need to always feel a bar or an event is needed to enjoy a special experience. It is summer, and with such great weather, we can experience the outdoors!


Operating an experiential company, I set the goal for myself to volunteer each month and travel each month. Since an unfortunate back surgery, I have not had the opportunity to travel back to one of our favorite cities, Denver. I connected with friend and colleague and we decided to camp at Lake Turquoise. The weather was a bit rainy driving in, but you could not help but be amazed with the views from the lake and overall fun to be one with the outdoors.


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My father has always said, “there is plenty to experience in Chicago for free.” Though packing up food, tents, water and additional items to drive out to a camp site is not free, the experience once you arrive is priceless. The experience you create with the ones you care most does not have to be limited to a show, event, concert or sporting event, there are so many ways to experience the outdoors all around us.


There are plenty of volunteer opportunities too, as Breakthrough and other youth focused organizations look to keep our “future” entertained with festivals, sporting events, education and crafts. Take a look around next time you step outside and realize the experience surrounds you.


Some ideas to keep you active outside this summer:

  • Water taxi in Chicago can take you through the loop and down to Chinatown!
  • Picnic in the park, always more fun with a bottle of wine
  • Scavenger hunt to explore some top historic sites in your city
  • Hikes and trails, despite our flat terrain do exist in different nature preserves, venture out!
  • Chicago has a great DIY scene as well, check out what creative people are putting together for free in your city
  • Shared bike rides around your city, very affordable and if you map out you can do a mini scavenger hunt


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Many of these ideas were found with easy Google searches, your city has so much to offer outside, do a quick search and go enjoy the sunshine! We love to experience the outdoors!

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William Holdeman
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
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