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We Experience Red White & Blue

What a magical weekend we all were able to enjoy celebrating our nation and the commonalities and diversities we share and celebrate.  For our country's colors, red, white & blue, we experience days out on the water, by the pool, backyard BBQs and firework displays. This special and long weekend was spent, catching up with friends you have not seen for awhile, new friends and friends you just could not celebrate without.

These days, bring us closer together, add memories to our lifeline and create greater content with the ones we love or those we have now met. As we celebrate our nation’s independence, look back at the photos and continue through yet another amazing summer, we encourage you to not lose that love, excitement, openness and activeness as you continue to experience and invite people into your life or connect with those in your life.


It's about time for you to make some new friends and experience anew. Why not enter to win a trip to Dublin for St Patrick's Day and fulfill the vacation need! Click below to enter!

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The experiences we share add value to our lives and also have such a positive impact on the people you engage with. It is not just about you, but the love and energy we all share! So as the summer continues, we (Social Scene) challenge you to continue this excitement of creating a cookout, planning a day to explore with a group, meeting someone who you have seen in yoga class, the gym, the office or just walking by on the street to create a connection that will not only teach and build a connection for you, but also for them.

Everything we experience of being red, white and blue is a lifestyle we can indulge in all year long, furthering our connections to charitable groups, workout classes, projects for home improvement, or even a simple walk around the neighborhood.


If you are interested in reaching out for event ideas, planning or just to say hello, we are always full of them and eager to share! Or, check out this 13 step analysis to experience more and plan our a more fulfilling life!

Experience your red, white and blue and make sure to get out and enjoy this year to the fullest.

Be Social. Be Seen.

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Connect with us at BeSocialScene.com, william@besocialscene.com, @BeSocialScene, #BeSocialScene or 312.488.4838!


William Holdeman
Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Social Scene


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