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Why is Experiential Marketing Rising in Popularity


Why is Experiential Marketing Rising in Popularity?

Experiential marketing is something that has become popular in the past few years. I’m sure you have seen it. It is a marketing strategy in which you involve consumers directly to give them an experience of your brand. It is also known as live marketing, on-ground marketing, and engagement marketing. In experiential marketing, the consumer is involved in a one-to-one interaction with your brand and has a memorable experience, which encourages the consumer to use your product in the future as well. Many corporate giants are using this technique these days, so they must be getting some positive results for this new age marketing strategy. Now you might be thinking why experiential marketing is rising in popularity? Well, there are many direct and indirect benefits of incorporating this marketing strategy in your marketing plan. Let’s learn how!


Benefits of Experiential Marketing:

There are many benefits of experiential marketing, but a few of them are:

It Works Effectively:

The main reason for experiential marketing being popular is, obviously, its effectiveness. According to a survey ran by EventTrack, after attending an experiential marketing event, more than 74% of people have a positive perception of the brand, and more than 65% people purchase the service or the product that they have experienced using at the event. EventTrack also concluded that about 70% of the participants of any such event become regular customers of the brand, thus, making such events a great way to increase your business exponentially.

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It Introduces People to a New Way of Experiencing a Brand:

This unique strategy of experiential marketing allows people to experience a brand in a completely different way with their senses. They can feel, touch, smell, or taste your product at the event. When people are allowed to sample a product, they are more likely to buy it. For instance, if you run a catering business, let the consumers taste your meal. If you are a DJ, play music to allow people to experience the quality of sound and your equipment. Offering these tangible experiences to your consumers, you can help them create a strong bond with your brand.

It Helps You Promote your Brand on Social Media:

These days, social media has become a powerful marketing tool, and when it combines with the experiential marketing strategy, it becomes even more influential and effective. When you invite people to your brand’s event and let them enjoy, they capture their memorable moments and share on different social media platforms. It allows you to market your brand at a grassroots level for free while keeping your consumers engaged.



If you are still wondering about the relationship between experiential marketing and social media, read this.

Along with all these benefits, experiential events are fun. These events are unique in themselves, and with not much hard work, you can make them memorable too.

Any brand can win or lose the loyalty of its customers when they interact with its products. Experiential marketing events are best for any brand to show the best side of their products and let consumers enjoy them. In short, experiential marketing events are a good marketing strategy to invest in for businesses of all sizes.

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