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5 Customer Service Tips to Getting Repeat Customers

With so many choices on venues to visit, so many options to stay at home to simply tap on a mobile device to get delivery in a jiffy, it is even more important to ensure every customer visiting your business leaves with a memorable moment. Really understanding why customer service is important and focusing on getting repeat customers will result in growing your business. 


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Here are 5 Customer Service Tips to Getting Repeat Customers

1. Coach and communicate with your team

The way your staff feels, will be the energy exchanged to your customer, so make an effort to show how much you appreciate your team.  A simple, “Thank you,” or words of encouragement always help.

Coach and train your team efficiently. Don’t limit your communication to daily or weekly team meetings, take notes, if need be, and make sure important information is trickled down from management to all your team members; this will build confidence and rapport.

2. Greet patrons with a smile

We’ve heard it all before, “A smile is contagious.” Since this is the first non verbal communication between your venue and the customer, make it a great one. It’s an easy task that can in turn make for a lasting customer. Take it a step further and engage in conversation with your customers.

Have your staff take interest in your patrons, who they are and not just what they are offering your business. Feeling acknowledged, heard and understood goes a long way in the service industry.

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3. Show off your most popular items

Be proud, passionate and dedicated to promoting your speciality items, both food or beverage. Rather than waiting to answer the common question, “What do you suggest?” Have your staff trained and excited to share with your customers their favorites and most popular items on the menu upon being seated or greeted.

It makes your venue unique. No other venue has exactly what you have, and most people want to try a signature item they can get just from you! Doesn't hurt to have a bit of cross selling as an added plus too. 

4. Take the extra step



Step into creating a lasting bond and signature appeal with your guests. Remember all the features your venue has to offer and share them. What your guests don’t know about your venue can ultimately hurt your business.

Have your staff take the time to offer your free wifi or offer to change the channel to better cater to their interests or simply share your daily specials. All these small acts are memorable and create a sense of comfort. You want repeat customers and new customers - small acts produce patrons that want to share their experience!

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5. Offer something - a freebie!

Freebies seem like a lot, sure! Seems like you are losing rather than winning, but there is a saying, “You have to give a little, to get something in return, right?” Think of what you can spare. Something small, but again, memorable!

Provide a small sample of a new alcohol to every person or offer a tasty bite. Send them off with a takeaway too! A friendly reminder to return: a gift card, an event or an exclusive discount for a special day.

Always share the best of all you have to offer!  As we say, Make Every Ounce Count!

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