Trolley Rides - Hop On and Access Kansas City this Halloween

Halloween is a huge holiday with many people going all out to dress up, plan to get together with large groups and most importantly where to head out at night for the best time. Some years are amazing and others just fall short. One event that is guaranteed to provide many options on the night is Kansas City’s own Halloween Trolley Bar Crawl (please know trolleys were retired this year for very nice shuttle limo buses)!



Bar Crawls are the best way for your crew to have options and access to choose your own adventure. Never be stuck at one venue and have the option to either go dancing or congregate at a hole in the wall. Many bar crawls include specials at all venues with some even including a few drinks. Know you are getting a great value with a great crew.


This bar crawl takes it to a whole new level by providing hop on hop off trolley service throughout the city stretching from Waldo to Brookside to Westport to Martini Corner, over 15 bars are participating!




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As the venue changes, so does the vibe and the music. You can be in the mood at the beginning of the night for a slow start and, by the end, want to hit the dance floor to show off your moves. Have it all. If you take advantage of the pre-check on Thursday night you can start at any bar at anytime on Saturday night! Make sure to check the sitemap for your closest stop to hop on a trolley!


Halloween KC Team.jpg


Every time you go on a bar crawl you meet new people who are also on the crawl and have a great way to open a conversation and see what venues they are going to next. In a way, it is like your own club enjoyed across many local jaunts with something in common with a massive group of people. In addition to this, you will have your own party on the trolleys and meet a ton of great people on each one you board!




The best part always is the ability to choose your own adventure on Halloween. If one venue is no longer of interest, you can hop on a trolley and head to the next bar or club on the sitemap. The trolleys go in a loop so you can start close to home and make sure to catch a trolley that will bring you back to your part of town by the end of the night, trolleys run until 130am (last pick up at 115am).



When making that final decision on what will provide the best night for everyone, check out a bar crawl that can service a bit of everything to everyone. It is your night, make this Halloween the best one yet.

Enjoy savings at our Bar Crawl with code DWF (drink with friends) this Halloween!


Prepare for an exciting Halloween Bar Crawl happening simultaneously on October 27th in ChicagoDallasDenverIndianapolisMinneapolis, and St. Louis. Plus! Take home the top award and win $1000. To join, enter at

Be safe, have the best time and get the most out of your costume festivities!

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