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Best 10 Halloween Costumes For Women




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There’s no denying that for many of us, the thrill of Halloween night comes from the chance to dress up and act like someone totally different when the sun goes down. When else can you change who you are and take on a whole new persona as you roam the streets in search of a spooky thrill? With so many choices, it can be hard to decide which is the best pick—do you want full-on glamour with a vintage vampire, or are you searching for a sexier edge with a witchy touch? To help you out, we put together our top 10 Halloween costumes for women. Happy haunting!


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1. The Witch


Photo via Pixabay

A classic never goes out of style, and this is your chance to appear truly spellbinding as you unleash your inner Sabrina. The choices here are varied: show your sexy side and enjoy the night as a bad witch, or stick to something more conservative with a traditional style. The choice is yours!


2. The Vampire


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So often associated with men—gee thanks, Dracula!—there has been a recent influx of female vampire characters and fans thanks to shows like The Vampire Diaries and Buffy. If you’re thirsting for blood, why not embody a vixenish vamp for the evening, and start searching for a victim…


3. The Pirate


Photo via Amazon.

Again, once a role for the less-fair sex, female pirates have finally earned their place thanks to a plethora of swashbuckling heroines in recent years. Who’s first to walk the plank?



4. The Slayer


Photo via Amazon

If you prefer to fight on the side of good, why not take on the role of the Slayer for an evening? We’re sure Buffy would appreciate the night off….



5. The Khaleesi


Photo via Amazon

Game of Thrones may have finally left our screens in typical epic style, but that doesn’t mean that Dany will ever leave our hearts. Pay your tribute to the not-so-Mad Queen and embody your inner Khaleesi. Now where did we leave the dragons?


6. The Feline


Photo via Pexels

Catwoman is a popular choice for women every year, and it is easy to see why: there is something super powerful about wearing a catsuit! This is also a perfect pick if you want to make minimal effort—all you really need are some pointy ears!


7. The Mermaid



Photo via Amazon

These fishy friends never go out of style, and a mermaid can be your chance to get a bit girly and enjoy sparkles and scales in equal measure. Just make sure you can move with a tail….


8. The Princess



Photo via Pixabay


Fancy a taste of royal life without the major responsibilities? Dressing up as a princess is a pretty safe alternative, and you get to wear a crown. Enough said.



9. The Ghost


Photo via Amazon


Not original, we grant you, but a classic nonetheless, and pretty perfect for Halloween!


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10. The Killer



Photo via Amazon


To really freak out your companions, why not take on the role of your favorite movie murderer? From Freddie to Michael, there are plenty of creepy characters to choose from….


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