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Top New Year Activities In Dallas


Cities lit up during NYE


Texas has a very unique way to celebrate New Year’s Eve and many locals prepare this special black-eyed peas recipe. For them, the dish attracts prosperity for the coming year. Aside from a good time to cook with the family, this day opens up several activities that you can enjoy with the family. Dallas is a lover of a few but memorable experiences, and here's three of the best activities in the city. 


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So what is there to do in Dallas for this New Year’s celebration? Find out from this list of top New Year activities in Dallas from Social Scene.


Rooftop Parties

Rooftop Parties


Rooftop Parties

Rooftops can be the best place to be on this day. If you choose to ring in the New Year in style, head over to NYElectric W Dallas Rooftop New Year’s Eve 2019. There will be DJs and premium drinks to be served, as the skies light up. Party all night after the clock ticks to 12, with open format DJ music, pre-paid drinks, upgrades of party favors, and socialize with more than 400 people expected to attend.


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Midnight Fireworks

No New Year’s Eve gathering will be complete without midnight fireworks. Dallas is setting the skies with lights in various fireworks displays happening in the city to welcome 2019. Get a good spot at the Champagne Life: Royalty event at 100 South Houston Street. Rated as one of the best in the world, this is a must-see. Last year, Reunion Tower became the venue of a midnight fireworks display in the city and the show was also telecast live on more than 10 networks in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. The tower is a 561-foott observation tower in Dallas and one of the city’s noteworthy landmarks. What could be the surprises for this year?


Bar Crawls in Dallas

 Bar Crawls

How strong are you to stay sober as you hit several bars around town? One way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Dallas has been through attending bar crawls. The 2019 Dallas New Year’s Eve Bar Crawl will feature drink specials, photo hunts, champagne toasts, and proceeds are to benefit local charities.


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Celebrate 2019 In Dallas


Get ready to plunge into 2019 with these events and more in Dallas. Social Scene is hosting the 2019 Dallas New Year’s Eve Bar Crawl, where you can party in Dallas as you visit various bars around the area!

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