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Top 10 BEST Liquor Lovers' New Year's Resolutions To Kickoff Your Year

It seems like 2019 just began yesterday, and we’re already looking forward to the New Year of 2020! That means it’s time to whip up a New Year’s resolution once again. Everyone has their own spin on what they want to achieve, and that includes liquor lovers.

There are normal resolutions, and then there are fun resolutions. Drinking should be fun, and why shouldn’t you make some interesting resolutions for 2020? 

You can find a lot to experiment with when it comes to the types of liquors that are best for mixing drinks.


Check out Social Scene’s list of fun and memorable New Year’s Resolutions that liquor lovers are sure to enjoy! Start out with a strong goal and you’ll have fun all year long.


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1. Set up Your Very Own Home Bar


1_New_Year’s_Resolution_Home_Bar Have a bar at your very own home (Photo from Josh Hemsley via unsplash.com)

Alt Text -  New_Year’s_Resolution_Home_Bar


For any liquor lover, home bars are a dream come true. Why not finally start building your own instead of putting it off for another year? Collect your favorite spirits and mixers to make homemade cocktails and stock up on the rare spirits, wines, and whiskey that you’ve been looking for. A home bar isn’t only a great way to curate your prized liquors and indulge in your favorite mixes--it’s also perfect for special occasions as you celebrate with guests and friends.

2. Make a New Cocktail Every Month


2_Monthly_Cocktail_Ideas_New_Year’s_ResolutionFresh new cocktail ideas every month (Photo from Kaizen Nguyễn via unsplash.com)

Alt Text - Monthly_Cocktail_Ideas_New_Year’s_Resolution


It’s great to have a favorite cocktail mix, but sometimes it can get repetitive. For the New Year, why not challenge yourself to try something new? Leave behind your usual routine and mix up a liquor you haven’t tried before. 

Whether it’s vodka, gin, or whiskey, try experimenting with new things this New Year.  Having a new drink on the menu every month can help you expand your palate and discover more flavors you enjoy when combined.

3. Drink a Collection of Wine from Your Favorite  Winemakers, Producers, or Distillers 



Go on a drinking spree with your favorite wine collection (Photo from Kelsey Knight  via unsplash.com)


Alt Text - Wine_Distillery_Collections_New_Year’s_Resolution


If you have favorite winemakers, producers or distillers, then 2020 is the perfect year to indulge in their products. Choose a brand that you never get tired of and sample more varieties from the same people.

This is sure to provide new flavors to taste and experiences to savor. Drinking wine from the makers you love will also give you an idea of how the makers put their own spin on the drinks they offer.

4. Start Drinking More Whiskey!



Indulge in more whiskey flavors in the New Year
(Photo from
Adam Jaime via unsplash.com)

Alt Text - Drink_More_Whiskey_New_Year’s_Resolution


Do you have unopened bottles of whiskey at home? Why not sample each one for your New Year’s resolution? There’s nothing wrong with having your prized whiskeys up for display, but they should also be there to give you a wonderful tasting experience.

Collect new bottles next year and sample them each time you get them. This way, you have something to look forward to every month (or every time you add another whiskey to your home bar).


5. Take a Roadtrip to the City, State, or Country of Your Favorite Liquor

5_Liquor_Road_Trips_New_Year’s_ResolutionHave a unique liquor road trip (Photo from Tim Mossholder via unsplash.com)

Alt Text - Liquor_Road_Trips_New_Year’s_Resolution


Make 2020 your drinking vacation year! Whether your dream is to visit Chicago, Indianapolis, Denver, or even Scotland or Germany, it’s always good to start planning early. What better way to kick off the New Year than by traveling to the places where your favorite liquor is made?

Not only do you get to learn more about the birth of the drink you love, but you’re also heading out on an adventure. Discover new drinks, new bars, and new cities. The unique, satisfying experience is sure to create stories to tell to your grandchildren.


6. Join Whiskey Tasting Events!



Step out of your comfort zone and attend an event
(Photo from Ibrahim Boran via unsplash.com)

Alt Text - Whiskey_Tasting_Events_New_Year’s_Resolution


If you haven’t been to a tasting before, you’re missing out! Make it a goal for the coming New Year to join your very first whiskey tasting event, and book early to find the perfect event to fit into your schedule.

You’ll find plenty of tasting events in your area or in nearby cities, and you can even look up your favorite bars to see if they have any open schedules. It’s time to make the New Year as interesting as possible!

7. Track Everything You Drink Digitally



Get an app to help you identify drinks
(Photo from Eaters Collective via unsplash.com)

Alt Text - Drink_Tracking_App_New_Year’s_Resolution


You can now track everything that you drink through apps, which can help you discover your preferences and standard orders. It can be a pain to keep track of all the things you drink, especially when you don’t remember the names of your favorite wine or cocktail.  Now, label scanning apps can make things easier for you. No need to memorize names, flavors, or even concentrations: all you need is your phone and an app that you can take anywhere with you. 

8. Purchase Unique Drams



Start a unique bottle collection (Photo from Adam Wilson via unsplash.com)

Alt Text - Unique_Whiskey_Bottles_New_Year’s_Resolution


It’s never too late to look for whiskeys with unique bottlings. By looking online or in special editions from your favorite distilleries, you’re sure to find whiskeys with distinct bottlings unique to that flavor or season. 

Not only does this make your whiskey hunting interesting, but it also makes drinking even more enjoyable. If you start a collection now, by next year your home bar will be filled with one-of-a-kind whiskey bottles!

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9. Begin a Tasting Diary


9_Liquor_Journal_Diary_New_Year’s_ResolutionWrite down important liquor details as you taste them
(Photo from Hope House Press - Leather Diary Studio via unsplash.com)

Alt Text - Liquor_Journal_Diary_New_Year’s_Resolution


One interesting task to try out next year is keeping a tasting diary or journal of the liquor you drink. Do you want to immortalize your tasting experiences? Then why not hold onto your memories by writing them down in a special notebook or blog? There are even diary and journal apps that you can use to record your observations.

Records like these help you look back on the best liquors you’ve tasted. When you need to recommend drinks to your friends or pick the perfect gift, you can use your notes to find the best choice.

10. Study the History of Whiskeys or Ingredients You Use in Cocktails

10_Whiskey_Cocktail_History_New_Year’s_ResolutionBe a liquor scholar by next year!
(Photo from
Helena Yankovska via unsplash.com)

Alt Text - Whiskey_Cocktail_History_New_Year’s_Resolution


What are the differences between scotch, bourbon, and whiskey? What goes best with gin or vodka? What types of tequila do you need to know? These are just some of the things you can start studying next year.

If you’re into creating unique cocktail mixes, learning more about the ingredients you use will help a lot. You don’t even have to feel the pressure of studying, as this is something you’re already passionate about. Channel your energy to the right places and create some liquor magic!

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