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Chicago NYE Limo Bus Bar Crawls: Your Ultimate Bar Guide


Chicago Theater NYE Limo Bus Bar Crawl 

Touted as one of the biggest cities in the state, Chicago is a name that has been embedded in pop culture and sports. But beyond the city’s skyscrapers is a haven for night owls because of its vibrant party scene. Spend your New Year’s Eve hopping into a limo bus bar crawl as you go exploring the best pubs in town. Here’s your ultimate bar guide to the Chicago's NYE Limo Bus Bar Crawls.

Social Scene is hosting these events beginning on the 31st of December and toward a night filled with champagne toasts, photo hunts, party favors, and drink specials. What makes it even more special is the way the limo bus will do a constant loop at each venue every 15 minutes. It is a hop on hop off event that you should not miss!


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NYE Bar Crawl  

Wicker Park

Nicks Beergarden Limo Bus Bar Crawl

It has been said that bar crawls are more exciting when it becomes spontaneous. It is also best to have an idea of what you should expect. From the famous cocktail lounges in Lincoln Park to Wicker Park’s entertainment scene, here is your guide to some of the bars you’ll be visiting.

Rhyme Or Reason

By 8 p.m., we’ll be checking in at Rhyme Or Reason in Wicker Park where the New Year festivities will commence with what else, but Chicago’s very own Motown tradition. This new bar and restaurant located at the corner of Division and Damen offers varieties of drinks that you can choose from. They have beers, whiskey, sauvignon wines, and they also serve their very own Rhyme-arita on their menu. 1938 W Division St.


Nick’s Beer Garden

Nick’s Beer Garden is set to bring out the vintage vibe to the bar crawl excitement. With its ocean-inspired interiors combined with wooden design, this bar exudes a more friendly atmosphere with a rich selection of local and craft beers made for a lighter, easy-going experience. They serve bottled and canned beers, as well as imported choices and classics. 1516 N Milwaukee Ave


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Roots Pizza

The NYE limo bus is stopping for a pizza treat at Roots Pizza. We’re visiting this one-of-a-kind pizzeria where you can have a taste of their handmade pizza and build your own salad should you need a food break during the pub crawl. They also serve more than a hundred Midwestern craft beers, cocktails, and wines. Plus, you can try their healthy Roots Root Beer specially brewed without high fructose content. 1924 W Chicago Ave


Lincoln Park

Restaurant photo preparing food NYE limo bus bar crawl

Now that you have seen a glimpse of what your night will look like in Wicker Park, it is time to see what awaits you in Lincoln Park. The festivities continue.


Beaumont Bar

Beaumont Bar is where we’re checking in as the limo bus makes a stop in Lincoln Park. This venue has been serving the city of Chicago for more than 30 years since it opened in 1980. It lives up to its name as it provides music inspired by disco hits of the '70s and '80s, as well as hip-hop and R&B. Free buffet is available from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. 2020 N Halsted

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NYE Bar Crawl

Yard House

From vintage disco hits, get your eardrums ready with rock music from Yard House. We’re crawling our way to this bar with the world’s largest draft beer selection with menu items that you ought to try. Depending on how you want to keep yourself sober throughout the party, they serve a variety of beers from fruit, wheat, malty, light fares to strong spiced and dark roasted drinks. 1500 N Clybourn Ave c101 


Earls Restaurant + Bar

Experience the upscale side of drinking in Earl’s Restaurant + Bar. In here, it is all about classic, sophistication, and style. They serve beer made by small craft brewers and wines from family wineries. Toast to the New Year with bottles of sparkling cocktails and Prosecco glasses in a pub crawl event that you’ll never forget. 1538 North Clybourn Avenue Unit A108 















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