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Etiquette For Yacht Parties


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Social Scene makes sure to start the New Year with something grand and luxurious. It is always good to get the best dress and the best perfume before hopping onto a yacht, but it is best to know the proper etiquette for yacht parties and how you should behave.

Now in its eighth year, the upcoming New Year festivities happening on a yacht will take participants on an unforgettable sail of a lifetime. There will be spectacular views of the skyline, a full food buffet, desserts, music, photo booth, and champagne toast. But first, the etiquette. From sporting the right style to dealing with newfound friends, here are some of the things that you should remember.


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New Year Yacht Party

1. Don’t Wear Shoes On The Yacht

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Not that Social Scene will literally ask you to take off your shoes and come in barefoot, but the golden rule of taking off your shoes, regardless of the style, right before you get on board is distinct for events held on yachts. Crew members usually provide an exclusive area where guests can leave their footwear and this may either be by the main salon’s entrance or at the gangway’s end. However, some parties allow shoes but they have to be with a soft-soled style.

There are two major reasons why guests have to do this. According to GQ Magazine’s Eleanor Halls, guests should be barefoot because of the deck’s material made from fine teak.

Secondly, yachts are also “equalizers” so guests will not be judged according to wealth. Socialite and actress Melissa George shares on Vulture, “It’s weird to see everyone, you know, their real height and their feet out. It’s a great equalizer, a yacht. It makes everyone as they are.”


2. Do Wear The Right Style Of Clothing

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Fashion during parties may not cover a strict guideline but having a good grip on your physical style is also helpful to get you going with the crowd. Generally, yacht parties are held beneath the summer sun so tips will tell you to wear bright-colored top and shorts for men and light dresses for women. But for this New Year's party we’re having in Chicago and will be held at night, Yacht Ready suggests to stay classic after five.

For men, it is alright to maintain the coat and the tuxedo but keep the colors toned down. For women, pieces like tailored capris, silk blouse, halter, pashmina, cashmere scarf, and Maxi skirts are perfect for the occasion.


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3. Sometimes, You’ll Party With The Rich And Famous

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Socialites, supermodels, and media personalities – all of these categories may make an appearance on a yacht event. But even if you are famous, GQ Magazine adds that you have to follow the right etiquette. In socializing with them, be polite and never forget respect. Behavior on board includes controlling yourself so as not to hit those beers like how you may do in an ordinary pub and try to keep yourself from causing a scene. There are also strict rules when it comes to smoking, so for the occasional cigarette user, smoking inside the cabin is usually prohibited and there are designated area for these activities.

4. Enjoy The Moment

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Make some connections with the organizers, and no matter how you may consider yourself an “expert” in attending events like these, try to treat every experience as new. As Vulture points out, “Do remember whose yacht you were on, because those of us who will never get to be on it will forever resent you for not appreciating it.”

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