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Summer Spirits Brands


The sun sets for the Summer season and rises up to give way for the Fall.

On August 25th, Social Scene will be throwing a Summer Spirits Tasting Festival in the cities of Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis simultaneously to give a toast, at the same time, bid goodbye to the warm Summer season.

This two-hour tasting event, plus food and drinks specials, will leave participants with deeper connections between the guests themselves and with the participating spirits brands.


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So what are the brands that will take part in this year’s Summer Spirits Tasting Festival?


For Chicago, local and international spirits brands are teaming up to make the 2018 Chicago Summer Spirits Tasting Festival a success.


1. Spice Note Tequila

One of these brands is Spice Note Tequila.

Being the first line of spice-infused premium tequila blanco, it is a no-brainer why Spice Note wouldn’t be included this year’s spirits tasting festival. One of the many reasons why this brand is well-loved by many is because of its well-balanced taste and smooth finish.

Spice Note Tequila

Spice Note Tequila’s Line of Delicious Liquors

Spice Note Tequila will be present to bring their finest collection of tequila during the festival. Regarded for their premium blanco made with natural ingredients, the brand has tequila infused with cinnamon flavors, with hints of rice cereals, pepper, apple pie, bread, and more.

“Spice Note is the very first line of all natural spice-infused tequila, created for you to enjoy with the loved ones at your table,” the brand reveals.


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2. Chicago Distilling Company

Another brand in participating Chicago’s Summer Spirits Tasting Festival is Chicago Distilling Co.

Chicago Distilling Company ensures customers the best flavors and highest quality spirits by distilling them in small batches. That is why this distillery has created varying flavors of spirits that Chicago locals love.


Chicago Distilling Company

Chicago Distilling’s well-crafted drinks


This small-batch distillery offers retail bottles of gin, whiskey, vodka and more, each one making a delicious craft cocktails

There are lots of brands waiting for you at Chicago Summer Spirits Tasting Festival. Brands like VA Distillery, PRP Wine, Old Elk Distillery, Cutwater Cocktails, and more are sure to make your Chicagoan summer memorable.



Aside from Chicago, Denver is also a place where the 2018 Summer Spirits Tasting Festival is going to be held. Here are some of the brands that will make up the said festival:


1. Roxor Artisan Gin

Roxor Artisan Gin

Roxor Artisan Gin as Photographed by Candy’s Dirt

If don’t attend the 2018 Denver Summer Spirits Tasting Festival, you will miss the chance to taste the most attractive gin in the world – the Roxor Artisan Gin. They’re known for producing a smooth and balanced flavored gin through steeping their botanicals in neutral grain spirit for 24 hours, then redistill to create that memorable gin experience.


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2. Mexican Moonshine Tequila

Mexican Moonshine Tequila

Mexican Moonshine Tequila in Anejo, Silver and Reposado by Edible Baja Arizona

Mexican Moonshine Tequila brings you into a mood as if you were drinking under the full moon through its ultra-premium and authentic 100% Blue Agave tequila. Not only that, but it also takes inspiration by the sea. Their agave-spirit drink is processed through distillation done twice, and aged for more than a year in used bourbon barrels. It has Añejo, Reposado and Silver in different tasting notes.

Apart from their beloved tequila, they also have popular bourbon that is known to be so irresistible, especially with its nose of smoky and woody notes.

Apart from these labels, expect Art of the Spirits, Rocker Spirits, European Wines and Spirits, Leopold Bros, and more to fill your the last of your Denver summers with fun and more spirits!


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While Chicago and Denver take a party of delicious spirits from the smorgasbord of spirits brands, Indianapolis is not to be out done. They also have their line of brands that salute the wonderful summer that is about to set sail.

1. Blue Chair Bay

Blue Chair BayA beautiful photograph from Spirited Magazine 


One of those brands, Blue Chair Bay, has an assortment of liquors for anyone to try. From the aromatic flavors of coconut, nutmeg, and vanilla from their Vanilla Rum, down to their Banana Rum that has perfect blend of freshness and sweetness of a ripe banana, you will have something that you will personally love.

Try and create your own mix of cocktails using their line of spirits when you attend this year’s Summer Spirits Tasting Festival in Indianapolis.


2. Hussong's Tequila

Another, Hussong’s Tequila, is a brand you’d likely meet in this year’s Spirits Tasting Festival. Hussong’s “liquid gold” (tequila) possesses a soft aroma with a silky, rich flavor.


Hussong's Tequila

Hussong Tequila’s Delicious Duo, Reposado and Platinum Tequilas.


What makes it more appealing is that It is hand-bottled in clay jugs and cork-sealed to protect its remarkable taste. Enjoy Hussong’s Tequila in Reposado or in Platinum this year’s Summer Spirits Tasting Festival.

These brands, along with Vokin Vodka, Jeptha Creed Distillery, Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur, among others, are ready to welcome you at 2018 Indianapolis Summer Spirits Tasting Festival.



Minneapolis might be the last on this list for the string of Spirits Tasting Festival in the USA, but it is definitely not the least! It has some spirits labels that boast greatness and add value to the event experience.


1. Revel Spirits


Revel Spirits

Meet Revel Spirits Line of Liquors at this 2018 Minneapolis Summer Spirits Tasting Festival


This 2018 Minnesota Summer Spirits Tasting Festival won’t be complete without Revel Spirits. Why, you ask?

Well, we simply can’t leave a brand behind that is serious about serving exquisite tequila that drinkers will certainly love. So definitely we’d be taking Revel Spirits in this said affair.

Take Revel Spirits’ blanco for instance. Part of all its spirits that it offers, the so-called Revel Spirits experience consists of beverages made from blue agave, grown by a family in the harvesting fields. Distinctive in its taste, the brand sources out its blends from the foot of a Mexican volcano in the state of Morelos in the region. Very few companies do this process, and this makes Revel Spirits a true product of the craft.


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2. Isanti Spirits


Isanti Spirits

Isanti’s Rye Whiskey, Gin and Bourbon Whiskey


You’re up for a whiskey treat this August as Isanti Spirits will take center stage as one of the featured whiskeys at the upcoming 2018 Minneapolis Summer Spirits Tasting Festival happening on August 25th.

Inspired by the reckless heart and punk rock soul of Rick Schneider, comes a creative take on the world of whiskeys. Their products are made from grains grown and barrels coopered in Minnesota. Included in their amazing line-up of whiskey is the Isanti Sunken Bobber Bourbon, bottled at 100 proof and aged for one year in 15 gallon American oak barrels.

Revel Spirits, Isanti Spirits, as well as many others like Koval Distillery, Bent Brewstillery, Vikre Distillery, and Soul Boxer will be there to make you merry at this year’s Summer Spirits Tasting Festival in MPLS.


Get Spirited Away Now!

These and other renowned spirits brands in the locality will be joining the 2018 Summer Spirits Tasting Festival on August 25th to say bye bye to the summer, at the same time, connect, build relationships and create new memories around some of the best spirits brands! So, mark your calendars and don’t miss out!


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