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2018 Summer Spirits Tasting Festival Top Brands

On August 25th 2018, Social Scene gathered together attendees from various markets at the 2018 Summer Spirits Tasting Festival in the cities of Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis. Locals simultaneously gave a toast, and at the same time, bid goodbye to the warm summer season.This two-hour tasting event, plus food and drinks specials, had participants forming deeper connections amongst themselves as brand representatives educated them on the most exciting spirit brands in summer. They also got the chance to vote for their favorites. Here are the top brands at the 2018 Summer Spirits Tasting Festival.


Banhez Mezcal is a top choice at the 2018 Chicago Summer Spirits Tasting Festival

Banhez Mezcal is a top choice at the 2018 Chicago Summer Spirits Tasting Festival




1. Banhez


Banhez Mezcal is a top choice for Chicagoans during the summer spirits tasting festival for it is a rich spirit crafted for generations. The process begins in Oaxaca in Mexico, from cultivating the ingredients to creating the mezcal from 100% Agave. Their products include Espadín and Tepeztate.


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2. CH Distillery


The 2018 Chicago Summer Spirits Tasting Festival brought together various spirits brands for the attendees to enjoy. At the end of the event, they were asked to choose which among the set is their favorite. On the list is CH Distillery, Chicago’s one-and-only combination distillery that also has a restaurant and tasting room. They literally have a full collection of spirits. Their products include CH Vodka, CH London Dry Gin, CH Key Gin, CH Peppercorn Vodka, Giuliana’s Handmade Limoncello, and more.


3. Koval


Koval Distillery is included in the list of top brands chosen during the event. They produce the best brands when in comes to quality whiskeys and spirits. They use bourbon, four-grain, millet and oat to ensure their signature flavor.


4. SoulBoxer


The 2018 Summer Spirits Tasting Festival also provided the chance for attendees to create new memories around the best spirits brands. The Chicago leg also highlighted SoulBoxer Cocktail Co. as a top brand. This distillery makes ready-to-drink cocktails made from superior ingredients to give the sense of class and quality.



ROXOR Artisan Gin is known for producing balanced flavors

 ROXOR Artisan Gin is known for producing balanced flavors


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1. ROXOR Artisan Gin


In Denver, the crowd also enjoyed the good time in such a fantastic venue provided by Social Scene. Among the top brand in this city is Roxor Artisan Gin. They’re known for producing a smooth and balanced flavored gin through steeping their botanicals in neutral grain spirit for 24 hours, then redistill to create that memorable gin experience.


2. Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon


Formerly Bacon Bourbon USA, Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon has everything that every spirits enthusiast will crave for. The brand takes two of America’s best assets -- being “crazy” and being “delicious” -- to challenge boundaries and fuse them in the world’s first bottled bacon bourbon.



Blue Chair Bay Rum is the perfect choice for the summer




1. Blue Chair Bay Rum


One of the brands, Blue Chair Bay Rum, captivated participants for having a flavor like no other. Blue Chair Bay Rum has an assortment of liquors for anyone to try. From the aromatic flavors of coconut, nutmeg, and vanilla from their Vanilla Rum, down to their Banana Rum that has a perfect blend of freshness and sweetness of a ripe banana, they captured the hearts and tastes of spirit enthusiasts.


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2. Five Farms


Five Farms is single batch Irish Cream Liqueur produced in Ireland, and the ingredients are also sourced from the area, particularly in County Cork. The name is derived from family-owned farms in the region that produces dairy cream. Five Farms is made with premium Irish Whiskey distilled thrice, and contains 10% Irish Whiskey compared with other brands that only use one percent or maybe even less.


3. Hussong's Tequila


Dare to miss Hussong’s Tequila on your best spirits brands list and you’re missing half of your life. Hussong’s Tequila possesses a soft aroma with a silky, rich flavor. What makes it more appealing is that It is hand-bottled in clay jugs and cork-sealed to protect its remarkable taste. Their products include Reposado and Platinum.


 Manhattan Whiskey cocktails

 Manhattan Whiskey cocktails

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1. Bent Brewstillery (Manhattan Whiskey)


Bent Brewstillery is serious about facing competitors in the industry and making themselves the best in the field. They think of customer preferences in each step of making their products. This distillery sources the highest-quality ingredients and makes sure to value quality over quantity. As Minnesota’s first-ever brewstillery, it expands choices and horizons by providing magnanimous choices of liquors.


2. Revel Spirits


This 2018 Minneapolis Summer Spirits Tasting Festival won’t be complete without Revel Spirits. The experience with their products consists of beverages made from blue agave, grown by a family in the harvesting fields. Distinctive in its taste, the brand sources out its blends from the foot of a Mexican volcano in the state of Morelos in the region. Very few companies do this process, and this makes Revel Spirits a true product of the craft.


3. Soul Boxer - Bourbon


Soul Boxer’s bourbons are also chosen as top brands in the Minneapolis leg of the tasting festival. Their bourbons are classic cocktails aged with flavors of cherries and oranges. The result is a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness that are very distinct to the tastes.


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