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Cruise The City With Booze and Your Crew - Jason Aldean!


Cruise the city with booze and your crew!

Summer time weather is near and the feeling of sun rays fuels the rooftop daze and patio ways


Laughing as you gaze. Post photos on IG.

Its a special time to connect and create new memories. Social Scene is offering you a chance to win a trip to Dublin to continue the memory making. Enter to win below!

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Snapchat makes you craze with varying filters for days.

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They say laughter heals the soul


Country music makes miles of emotions feel like cowboy hats and boots

seethe the moments of partying the gloom away


Burnin’ It Down

Jason Aldean is the man

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Kane Brown couldnt’ get enough

BYOB on the bus


Chris Young too

We may not run red lights

But the swangin' and sangin' of

Country (shoot) from her cowboy boots to her down home roots

Will be in your memory

Chicago to Tinley Park

Don’t miss out!

Connect, create and build new relationships in a new place with your favorite person by your side. Click below for a chance to win a trip to Dublin for St Pats, why not, right?

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Declan’s Irish Pub 20% off too!

May 13th is the day!! In Chicago!

Coming sooner than you think!








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