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Top 10 Whiskey Bars in Chicago (Clone)

There’s nothing quite like whiskey in Indianapolis. If you live or visit Indianapolis, you’re in for a treat with their local whiskeys and watering holes.

Indianapolis offers an array of classic and modern whiskeys. Even as far back as 1827, whiskey was already so famous that you could find more than one way to drink it. Whether it was cold, hot, sweetened, or not, locals simply loved Indianapolis whiskeys.

That hasn’t changed in modern times. Indianapolis has had its share of ups and downs in whiskey availability, but right now, the whiskey business is better than ever. Why not check out Social Scene’s list of the Top 10 whiskey bars in Indianapolis? See what you might be missing out on!

The Exchange Whiskey Bar 

Location: 301 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204


Bar counter filled with dishes, cocktails, and whiskeys on top. The shelves behind are filled with bottled drinks.

There’s no such thing as too much whiskey when you’re at The Exchange Whiskey Bar

(Photo from The Exchange Mass Ave.’s Facebook page)


The Exchange Whiskey Bar might just have it all when it comes to whiskey selection. They offer about 450 whiskeys to choose from with an awesome vintage speakeasy vibe that extends to the drinks that they serve. Enjoy your time at their craft cocktail and whiskey bar.

Drop by Monday to Thursday from 4 PM to midnight and Friday and Saturday from 4 PM to 2 AM. For inquiries, call 317-943-5000 or email minaf@primehg.com.


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Whiskey Business: Burgers, Bourbon, Brews 

Location: 5220 E. Southport Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46237


Whiskey Business’ facade with reserved parking signs with the name Whiskey Business in front of the building

Bourbon and entertainment, all in one! Experience it all when you check out Whiskey Business: Burgers Bourbon Brews (Photo from Ken N.’s Yelp Review on Whiskey Business Southport’s Yelp page)


Whiskey Business: Burgers, Bourbon, Brews has everything you want! Enjoy delicious burgers, quesadillas, wings, and even whiskey pizza pie. The menu is filled with fun and delicious dishes you’ll never forget. They offer over 20 bourbons, 20 beers on tap, and 20 specialty burgers. Visiting here is a must when you’re in Indianapolis.

They are open 11 AM to 3 AM from Monday to Sunday. For inquiries, call 317-756-9980 or email whiskeybusinessllc@gmail.com.

Blend Bar with Davidoff Cigars 

Location: 3981 E 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240


Cocktail counter with empty chairs, full shelves, and two TVs mounted above the counter with the text “blend” flashing

The place to be when you want a one-of-a-kind luxury cigar bar and premier cocktail lounge experience

(Photo from BLEND Bar with Davidoff Cigars- Indianapolis’ Facebook page)


Blend Bar with Davidoff Cigars is a unique partnership between Davidoff of Geneva, a luxury cigar brand, and the BLEND bar space. This place is a premier cocktail lounge and a sophisticated nightspot, perfect for spending time with friends and family. If you need a classy and elegant space to have a meeting or spend your evening, this is it.

They are open on Sunday from 4 PM to 1 AM and Monday to Saturday from noon to 1 AM. For inquiries, call 317-578-1774 or email info@blendbarcigar.com.

Wiseguy Lounge - Mass Ave 

Location: 545 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204


Wiseguy Lounge’s bar with lights above empty chairs and shelves filled with bottled liquor behind the counter

Experience a 1920’s vibe with a modern twist

(Photo from Nisita K.’s Yelp review on Wiseguy Lounge’s yelp page)


Visit Wiseguy Lounge on Mass Ave when you’re craving bourbon, cocktails, or beer — they simply have everything! The bar has over 400 bourbons to offer, and you can choose from hand-selected single barrel options. You can also check out their Bourbon Connoisseurs Club if you wish to join events connected to various distilleries.

Catch them open Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 12 AM. For more information, contact 317-602-3401 or goodfellaspizzeria@gmail.com.

Ball & Biscuit 

Location: 331 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204


Well-lighted  bar and the wooden chairs are surrounded by brick walls and low lighting.

Drop by Indianapolis’ original cocktail bar and enjoy a menu that’s crafted from homemade goodness

(Photo from The Ball & Biscuit’s Facebook page)


The Ball & Biscuit is where you go when you want craft cocktails that are always fresh and always homemade. The place has a classic and homey vibe as you enjoy small plates created in-house. Their ingredients are always sourced locally, and they offer single-barrel bourbons.

Visit on Wednesdays from 5 PM to 10 PM, Thursdays from 5 PM to 11 PM, Fridays to Saturdays from 5 PM to 1 AM, and Sundays from 3 PM to 10 PM. For more information, call 317-636-0539 or email kendall@ballandbiscuit.com.

West Fork Whiskey 

Location: 1660 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202


West Fork Whiskey’s brick wall facade with the text (local) whiskey made me do it painted on it.

Find affordable and high-quality spirits at West Fork Whiskey

(Photo from West Fork Whiskey Co.’s Facebook page)


West Fork Whiskey is a whiskey distillery in Indianapolis with an open whiskey bar in their tasting room. It’s easily one of the top places where great Indiana whiskey is being made, so expect nothing but the smoothest whiskeys in the state.

The tasting room is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 4 PM to 10 PM, Friday from 4 PM to 11 PM, Saturday from 1 PM to 11 PM, and Sunday from 1 PM to 7 PM. To find out more, call 317-672-7468.

1933 Lounge

Location: 127 S. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN. 46225


Lounge’s facade, which is a gray building with the name 1933 Lounge placed on top of the entrance

Visit the 1933 Lounge for a pleasant and wonderful bourbon experience

(Photo from 1933 Lounge’s Facebook page)


1933 Lounge offers classic cocktails and more from their expanded bar menu. The lounge, located on the 2nd floor above St. Elmo, offers a speakeasy vibe with creative and excellent drinks. Drop by for the world-famous St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail and more from their menu.

Catch the lounge open Monday to Saturday from 4 PM to midnight and Sunday from 4 pM to 10 PM. For more information, contact 317-635-0636.


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Rye Bar 

Location: 350 West Maryland Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225 USA


bar counter with empty black and gray chairs and tables in front with low hanging green lights 

An exquisite space for enjoyment and relaxation (Photo from Rye Bar on their Yelp page)


Visit Rye Bar when you’re looking for a comfortable and elegant space to spend your time. They offer an incredible array of classic cocktails, wines, and world-famous bourbons. Rye Bar mainly serves American cuisine and requires a casual dress code. You’ll love the drinks that match perfectly with Rye Bar’s pre-and post-dinner plates.

Drop by Tuesday to Saturday from 5 PM to 10 PM.  For inquiries, contact 317-822-3500. 

Spoke & Steele

Location: 123 South Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225


gray-colored signage hanging from_the_outside

Enjoy locally made whiskeys and a trendy craft cocktail program

(Photo from Spoke & Steele’s Facebook page)


Whiskeys, cocktails, and wines: you have them all at Spoke & Steele! They offer a vibrant and well-focused menu, and not only is it one of the best places to eat in Indianapolis, but it’s also one of the best spots to drink. The atmosphere is perfect for any occasion or get-together! You’ll feel comfortable whether you’re there for a casual day out or a business meeting.

Check them out on weekdays from 7 AM to 11 AM for breakfast and 5 PM to 9:30 PM for dinner hours. On weekends, they are open for breakfast from 8 AM to 1 PM and for dinner from 5 PM to 9:30 PM.

For questions, call 317-737-1616 or email social@spokeandsteele.com.


Location: 1127 Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203


facade with the text “Thunderbird, since 1950” written on the brick red and white walls

Visit and stay awhile as you eat and drink to your heart’s content 

(Photo from @thunderbirdindy Instagram page)


You can’t go wrong when you visit Thunderbird for a drink. The place offers 21+ cocktails and a bourbon southern-style kitchen menu. Experience specialty drinks as well as classic cocktails of your choice!


They are open Tuesday to Sunday from 4 PM to 1 AM. For more information, call 317-974-9580 or email thunderbirdindy@gmail.com.

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