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Drink Options for Celebrations - New Years, Weddings & Birthdays

Drink Options for Big Celebrations - New Years, Weddings & Birthdays


They say, family is not an important thing, it is EVERYTHING. So when there are big celebrations like New Year’s Day, weddings, and birthdays, families come together and celebrate. These are the times when reunions usually happen since families can be with their loved ones for a long period of time. Even those who work abroad do everything they can to come home to be with their families and loved ones on these special days.

These magnificent and grand occasions call for challenging preparations in food and drink from the host—from planning the menu to bringing delectable dishes to fruition. One crucial aspect of every big celebration that should not be overlooked are the drinks! Choosing the perfect combination of beverages that will be served during the party is integral to planning any successful event.

In this article, Social Scene will give you some ideas on what drinks to prepare so you can enjoy the occasion as well.

When choosing and preparing drinks, especially for a family gathering, one must take into consideration the mixture of different generations and drinking preferences among the guests. When you are careful in your selection and preparation, you are showing love, care, and respect towards your guests.


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Drinks for Kids

WikiHow.com has some fun ideas on how to enjoy New Year’s Eve at home with your family. The tips on this website can be adapted for almost any other big celebrations as well.

Hot cocoa: Hot cocoa is one of the best hot drinks to serve on a cold New Year’s Eve, or at a cool outdoor evening wedding. Kids love this all-time kid favorite beverage.


Soda Pop: If cold drinks are preferred, then prepare some soda pop instead; making sure it is of the fruity kind.

Sparkling Juice: For a little more kick, try some sparkling juice in grape or any other flavor that kids may enjoy.


Drinks for Non-Alcoholic Drinkers

Mocktails are a cool way for older kids, teens, and non-alcoholic drinkers to enjoy drinking on big celebrations. There are many recipes out there, but we’ll just introduce you to three. For more mocktail recipes and detailed instructions on how to create these, visit www.newkidscenter.com/Mocktails-for-Kids.html.

Holiday Shirley Temple: Orange juice, sprite, and a little grenadine turns this impressive and striking red and orange-layered drink into a sure hit with the kids. Top it off with a single cherry and you have a sure winner.

Apple Cider Sangria: This mocktail does not only look good but tastes great too! It is made with raspberries, blueberries, finely-sliced apples, club soda, cold ginger ale, and chilled apple cider. A true, visually stunning and refreshing drink!

Pineapple Orange Martini: This kid-friendly drink combines some crushed ice, pineapple and orange juice, honey, and finely-chopped cilantro to create an exciting and delicious mocktail.


Punch is made up of a wide assortment of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks usually containing fruit or fruit juice. We have chosen three non-alcoholic punches from tablespoon.com and invite you to explore the other six variations of their visually stunning and delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

Pear Tree Punch: A light and sparkling punch with your favorite autumn fruit inside.

Cinnamon Cranberry Punch: An icebreaker drink and a thirst quencher too. This is good for a fun evening with new guests.

Sparkling Cranberry Ginger Punch: An appealing drink because of its red-colored body contrasted with a green lime slice for garnish. Top it off with a few pieces of cranberries, and you have a lovely and very enticing beverage. It is not just a drink but a work of art.

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Alcoholic Drinks

Now we come to the alcoholic beverages that you can enjoy with other adult alcoholic drinkers. Vinepair.com has some great suggestions to make the best cocktails. Just click the link above for complete instructions and ingredients on the drinks below.

Peppermint White Russian: Vodka, coffee liqueur, milk, cream, ice, and a dash of peppermint extract make up this fantastic alcoholic drink.


Peppermint White Russian-and-other-great-cocktail-ideas

Grapefruit Hot Toddy: Gin and ruby red grape juice mainly make up this pink alcoholic delight, mixed with honey and garnished with a fresh slice of grapefruit.

Festive Punch for One: This is a London Dry, Triple Sec, Crème de Cassis, lemon juice, and ginger ale combination drink, garnished with a lemon twist.

Walnut and Apple Old Fashioned: This dark brown delight is a fusion of bourbon and maple syrup with cracked walnut and dashes of walnut bitters.

Citrus Champagne Cocktail: Of course the main spirit here is Champagne, but infused with lime and orange juice.

Cranberry Apple Hot Toddy: Bourbon, honey, cranberry and apple juice are the chief spirits in this towering and refreshing red drink.

Mulled Wine: Red wine and brandy are the main spirits of this drink, combined with orange juice, sugar, ground cloves, cinnamon, and ginger.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate: Milk with cocoa powder and red wine, topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate are the ingredients of this yummy and healthy drink.

Negroni Punch: This punch is a mixture of Campari, Sweet Vermouth, and Prosecco, with fruits like oranges, apples and strawberries.

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 Time to Celebrate!


You now have a list of drinks that you can whip up. But how will you know which ones to choose? One way to find out is to start mixing and begin tasting the drinks yourself. Apart from that, you may also want to check out and attend the latest tasting event from Social Scene nearest you by checking out their FB events page.

Our individual dreams bring us to different places, but love brings us all back home. Embrace and cherish these occasions when families come together by making memories that last. Plan and prepare with Social Scene… and celebrate with laughter, food, and drinks that the whole family can enjoy.


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