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Top Trends In Drinks For 2018

Top Trends In Drinks For 2018

Each New Year’s Day reveler will have his or her own share of tradition, or superstitious habit, as the world welcomes the coming year. Whether it is about lighting up the firecrackers, wearing polka dots or following the top trends in drinks for 2018, the night where families gather to wait until the clock strikes 12 midnight is worth remembering.

New Year’s Eve is not complete without the booze. Not just this, these drinks may also come in as trends, much like fashion or lucky colors. How about serving your lucky wine? Here are some of the next big trends in drinks.


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1. The Sophisticated Magnum Wine


Neither that Belgian ice cream nor a pop culture character name, a magnum is big bottle of wine that holds 1.5 liters of this drink. If you gasped at this amount, this is because these bottles are newly served at parties and is one of the biggest trends in wine making today. (https://www.bonappetit.com/drinks/wine/article/why-buy-magnum-wine)

 According to The Drinks Business, magnums are the top trendy consumer drinks that people should watch out for in 2018. Sales of a magnum of Prosecco or Italian white wine have spiked to a thousand percent in 2017 and the popularity continues to grow. A magnum is equivalent to two bottles of wine and is perfect for that intimate New Year’s Eve party. The fact that you get two wine bottles in one, it is also a practical choice since less trash is produced. Plus, the wines they are made with are considered special because companies that produce this size only do it because drinkers love to have more of them in their parties.

2. Mixologist Robots – Not Humans


Machines as bartenders and mixologists are also the next big thing, Liquor.com says. Especially if you are out to cruise in bars and making your first drink alone at a party, it feels uneasy to wait until the bartender finishes mixing and serves you the drink. Especially if it’s a big Friday or weekend night, crowds are bigger and drinks need to be served quicker. Today, machines that mix them have made their way to launch parties and cruise ships. But some think that machine bartenders still are incapable of the way humans give emotions to the art of mixing.


3. Wine In A Box


Boxed wines are packaged wines that come with a nozzle where it flows from just like drinking from a cooler. People love them because they are portable and perfect for parties with a lot of movement since they are generally not fragile unlike glass bottles. They are sold in outlets and grocery stores nearby. 


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4. Japanese Gins




Japanese whisky has enjoyed the spotlight for quite some time but another drink from the same origin is joining the newest trends list. Japanese gin  has been gaining popularity among Western consumers. It has just made its international debut in the middle of 2017. The final concoction has botanicals native from the land and not found in New World or European gins.


5. Cocktails To Keep Their Spot



In the presence of all new mixes entering the market, experts still believe that cocktails will never be dethroned. There may be new infusions and varieties, but cocktails still hold the top spot as big trends, not to mention Instagram-worthy cocktail toasts. 

With these new trends to watch out for, you’ll never know what the New Year holds. You may also check out our whiskey, tequila, wine and craft spirit tastings to amp up your party experience. Social Scene is all about building your brand through content creation and experiential marketing. Visit us at www.besocialscene.com. Cheers to 2018!


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