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Drink Options for a Fun Wedding Reception

Drink Options For A Fun Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is the place to unwind, have fun, dance, eat and drink! Food and drinks are a very important part of the reception. Food fills the stomach but drinks set the mood. There are different types of drinks for a fun wedding reception and you'll need to think of a variety of different drinks to serve your wedding guests during the different stages of the day.


Best Drinks For Wedding Reception

Listed below, are seven must have drink types if you want your reception to be off the hook.

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Sparkling wine

Serve some sparkling white wine at the beginning of the event. Champagnes are good apèritifs, that is, drinks typically served before a meal. Serve some sparkle and start on a high note. Champagne is there to inject fun into any occasion, from its delightful bubbles to the shape of the bottle and it's ever beautiful sparkle. Champagne adds colour to any occasion. Sparkling wines come in a range of prices depending on your budget. The Capel medium sparkling rose wine is an affordable one.

Sparkling wine affordable champagne brands


Red wine

It's no news that red wines are the ideal accompaniment to meals especially with anything roasted or fried while also being a versatile cooking ingredient. Impress your guests with the best red wines. Red wines are beloved for their rich, well-balanced flavors and vibrant finish. The Saladini Pilastri Rosso Piceno is definitely one of the best. Known for its fruity taste and rich red colour, a sip would surpass your expectations.


Red wine for weddings


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Local wine

Get creative with the drink menu. Serve a local wine and wow your wedding guests. This might as well be the climax of the drinks served as most people wouldn't expect it. But the trick to this, is to serve a local drink generally known and accepted by many. For example, fresh palm wine drink would do.

Local wine how to pick the best drinks



You can never go wrong with a great mixture of spirit, fruit juice or cream. We have been introduced to many unique and interesting cocktails. It has become quite fashionable to serve cocktails at bars and parties. Margaritas and martinis are typical examples of classic cocktails to serve at a wedding reception,

cocktails for weddings


Not everyone desires alcoholic drinks and those who could do without also use a bit of fresh fruits. There are quite a number of smoothie recipes but for a fun reception, you should preferably serve watermelon smoothies, pineapple-coconut recipe and of course banana smoothie, these would go well with the small chops.


Smoothies for weddings


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“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” We have all heard the saying, lemons are great for your health, as a compliment to any beverage and are tasty to say the least so why not add them to your beverage options? It will be refreshing and keep your guests hydrated.

lemonade recipes


Fresh Fruit Drinks

Another option to add to your beverage lists are fresh fruit drinks. These should be 100% fresh fruit with no preservatives or colourants added. You could serve any fruit juice depending on the fruits in season at the time of your wedding. Common fresh fruit drinks are orange, apple and pIneapple. Serve all or most of the types of drinks itemized here and your wedding reception is sure to be a delightful one. CHEERS & CONGRATULATIONS!


Fresh fruit drinks


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