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Top Irish Bars In Denver

Excited for St. Patrick’s Day? This is another moment where you can go out to your favorite Irish bars and pubs to drink Guinness and savor corned beef and cabbage! There’s no stopping Denver from serving you with the Irish cravings that you’ve been looking for.

Social Scene scours the Top Irish Bars in Denver just to give you a list of the places to be when St. Patrick’s Day comes knocking at your door.


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1. The Irish Snug

Location: 1201 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80218



Feel the true meaning of Irish hospitality at The Irish Snug


The Irish Snug is one of the best known traditional Irish pubs across Denver. In addition, the pub is also known for its amazing menu, friendly servers, and how it upholds its Irish traditions. Truly a perfect place to spend St. Patrick’s Day in.

The pub offers guests with 20 varieties of draft beers and 70 whiskey brands such as the Bushmills, Jameson, and Middleton, and even very rare whiskeys that you may not have tried anywhere before. This is where you need to be at when looking for quality drinks and meals at prices you can afford. Contact them on (303) 839-1394 or through their website.



2. The Irish Rover Pub

Location: 54 S. Broadway, Denver, CO 80209


Head to where all the action is on St. Patrick’s Day


The second of the most popular Irish hangouts in Denver would be the The Irish Rover Pub. This is surely a place perfect for those who want to drink in pubs that have the traditional Irish feel. Stepping into this pub on St, Patrick’s Day simply transports you back to what it’s like to be in an authentic Irish pub.

Enjoy a cold Guinness, scotch, whiskey and more during the celebration. Bartenders are accommodating and friendly that guests have felt welcome since they know their names and have reserved their favorite stools for them. This might just be your next favorite drinking place! Give them a call at (303) 282-4643 or contact them at alan@theirishroverpub.com for party inquiries.


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3. The Celtic on Market

 Location: 14th & Market, Denver, CO


The Celtic on Market

Dig into some Celtic and American dishes with domestic, foreign and craft beers plus whiskeys


If you’re looking for something more modern for your St. Patrick’s Day hangout, you might want to drop by The Celtic on Market. It has that contemporary twist when it comes to the Celtic foods that you love.

Definitely, a great place to drink and eat while listening to authentic Irish music. Guests are served with ice cold beer or they can choose from 50 brews that are available on tap. Whiskeys are also served at the bar which is known to have one of the largest selections in Colorado.


 4. Scruffy Murphy's

 Location: 2030 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205


 Scruffy Murphy's

The pub that goes to steal your heart from the first pint


Have a laid back drink at Scruffy Murphy's and enjoy the old-school wooden bar atmosphere. Bartenders serve the drinks quickly and the place is always filled with an exciting crowd. Guests can enjoy Irish beers, ciders, and more at the bar.


Hang out at the spacious beer garden/patio behind. Or you can stay at the small patio located in front of the pub. For reservations contact them through their social media or at (303) 291-6992. 


5. Nallen's Irish Pub

Location: 1429 Market St, Denver, CO 80202


Nallen's Irish Pub

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with perfectly poured Guinness



If Guinness is your favorite drink on St. Patrick’s Day, then Nallen's Irish Pub is the perfect place to go. A very interesting trivia about Nallen’s is that it is considered to be the oldest pub located in Denver.


With an authentic Irish pub environment and serving guests with varieties of beer, whiskey, and cocktails at the bar, St. Patrick's Day feels absolutely complete! Check out the countdown to St. Patrick's Day on their site and reach out to them at (303) 572-0667 for more information.


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6. Dougherty's Restaurant & Pub

Location: 5 E Ellsworth Ave., Denver, CO 80209


Dougherty's Restaurant & Pub

A restaurant and pub that treats you like family


Dougherty's Restaurant & Pub offers guests an experience of new American and traditional Irish experience. Guests can expect drinks at the pub as well as lunch and dinner services. Complete with outdoor seating and having space good enough for groups, this should definitely be on your St. Patrick’s Day list.

Walk-ins, as well as reservations, are accepted. Guests can also expect excellent waiter service and can request take out. Contact them through their social media or at (303) 777-5210.



7. Finley's Pub

 Location: 375 S. Pearl St., Denver, CO 80209

Finley's Pub

Unforgettable food and ale, experience it all in one place


Finley's Pub is a place to celebrate occasions, which means that it should be on your list for St, Patrick’s Day. Enjoy the day with Guinness on tap, cocktails, red and white wine, mules and more drinks on their menu.

Add Finley’s Pub on your list since it’s a must-go destination for the best craft beers and the most delicious food. Contact them now at 303-282-4790 or click here to email them.




8. The Fainting Goat

Location: 846 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203


The Fainting Goat

Relax on the rooftop patio with your some good old Guinness


The Fainting Goat is Golden Triangle’s best spot and should not be missed out on for St. Patrick’s Day. Bring in friends and family for food and drinks while enjoying the view on the rooftop patio.

The place has been voted by the A-List for 2009 and 2010 as “Best Irish Pub” and has also been hailed by Westword as one of the Top 5 Denver Patio Bars. they serve cocktails, bottled and canned beer, Guinness on tap and more! Call them now at (303) 945-2323.


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9. Casey’s Bistro & Pub

 Location: East 29th Avenue, Denver, CO 80238



Casey’s Bistro & Pub

Bask in the modern interpretation of the best pubs in Ireland


Bring along that Irish luck with you when you step into Casey’s Bistro & Pub. The pub is named after Sean O’ Casey, a well known Irish writer and the business has grown steadily for the past 10 years.

The pub invites guests to join them on St. Patrick’s Day with Irish Dancers, Mile Highlanders, bagpipes, and other activities! Find out more at their Facebook page or call them at 720-974-7350.


10. The Abbey Tavern

Location: 5151 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220



Visit this homey local hangout with family and friends


The Abbey Tavern is the Irish pub that you shouldn’t miss on St.Patrick’s Day. they have it all, from little Jameson to the popular Guinness and of course, who would miss out on some homey pub food?

Known as the neighborhood pub, The Abbey offers a good atmosphere to relax in, rotating crafts, beers, and a variety of liquors to choose from. Contact them now on their site or at (303) 321-5151.


It’s time to get your groove on and celebrate! Click below and get ready for the St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl! Save 20% off with code DWF!

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