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Top Irish Bars in Minneapolis

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, Minneapolis has its own fair share of exciting activities. From the parties to the parades and even to the vast amount of specials in the many Irish bars in the city, Minneapolis has what you are looking for!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the Irish way and visit the most iconic and well-loved Irish bars and pubs in town! Whether you’re looking for some green beer, whiskey or corned beef, the Twin Cities does not disappoint!

Let Social Scene take you through the list of the Top Irish Bars in Minneapolis to taste classic, popular and special drinks for the occasion!


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 St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl

 1. Kieran's Irish Pub

 Location: 85 N 6th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403


Kieran's Irish Pub

Grab delicious pints of Guinness at Kieran's Irish Pub


If you want to deviate from your usual St. Patrick’s Day route in Minneapolis then Kieran's Irish Pub is the perfect place to go. They have live music and even quiet corners if you feel like drinking your Guinness or whiskey in peace.

Grab some of their world famous fish & chips and down it all with a beer, cocktail, wine, beertail, mocktail or find something else from their beverage menu. Give them a call now at 612-339-4499 for reservations or contact them through their website.



 2. The Local

Location: 931 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402


The Local

Gather with friends and relax at the bar in The Local


Considered as a staple bar of the Irish scene The Local has been around since 1997 and offers a Whiskey Lounge and an impressive 80-foot bar. If you’re sticking to the route of the Minneapolis St. Patrick's Day parade, you don’t want to miss passing by this bar.

The drink menu boasts of Irish whiskeys, draft beers, bottles and cans, wines by the glass, whiskey flights, bourbon, and cocktails. Don't miss out on this one on your St. Patrick’s Day adventure! Contact them now at 612-904-1000.



3. O'Donovan's Irish Pub

Location: 700 North 1st Avenue – Minneapolis, MN 55403


O'Donovan's Irish Pub

A cozy pub with all the drinks you need at the bar


This is another great pit stop when you’re en route with the Minneapolis St. Patrick's Day parade. A fascinating fact about this pub is that it’s the first ever Irish pub in Minnesota that was built in Ireland. The pub had to be shipped by pieces all the way to the United States in order to complete it.

O'Donovan's has its world famous home cooked corned beef as well as beer, whiskey, and good old Guinness. Email them at nmaccafferty@ibhmn.com for more info or call 612.317.8896 for more information.


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 4. Morrissey's Irish Pub

 Location: 913 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408


Morrissey's Irish Pub

The #1 place to go for power Irish whiskey in Minnesota


Have some authentic Irish whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day at Morrissey's Irish Pub. if you’re ever near uptown Minneapolis, this place is worth a visit. Be served by friendly and knowledgeable staff at the bar and get to enjoy Irish-inspired snacks with live music.

It’s also the largest seller of Greenore Irish whiskey in the USA. They are open from 11AM to 2AM. Learn more at contact@morrisseysuptown.com or ring them at 612-645-8555


 5. Merlin’s Rest

Location: 3601 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406


Merlin’s Rest

Your British Isles home that sits in Minneapolis


Named as one of the best Irish pubs in the Twin Cities by Thrillist, Merlin’s Rest isn’t playing around. The place is one of the most important pubs in Minnesota because of their extensive whiskey list. You can also enjoy scotch and beers when stopping by on St. Patrick’s Day.

Grab yourself some tasty pints, import, and domestic beers as well as authentic fish and chips for the occasion. Merlin’s Rest also offers Single Malt Scotch tasting on the first Thursday of the month starting in October through June for scotch lovers. For more details contact them now at 612-216-2419.


It’s time to get your groove on and celebrate! Click below and get ready for the St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl! Save 20% off with code DWF!

 St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl


 6. Keegan's Irish Pub

Location: 16 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413


Keegan's Irish Pub

Experience a unique atmosphere that no other bar has in Minneapolis


Keegan's Irish Pub is the best place for Guinness and Guinness themselves actually agrees to this! For people who are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, this is the place to be for the celebration. Don’t miss out on craft beer taps and tasteful glasses of wine.

Enjoy a plate of corned beef dinner, chicken pot pie, cod dinner, and shepherd's pie as you tap into your inner Irish persona. Contact them at info@keeganspub.com or call 612-252-0880.



 7. Dan Kelly's Pub

 Location: 212 S 7th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402


Go to where Irish is the state of mind, go to Dan Kelly’s


Anyone who’s familiar with Daniel “Danny Boy” Kelly, a ballad with an Irish melody by English songwriter Frederic Weatherly, will immediately get who this pub is named after

Serving the popular Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, Dan Kelly's Pub also has over 40 different types of whiskeys to enjoy and local taps as well.

The pub offers a contemporary style cuisine and is worth a visit for people who are looking for a good drink in Downtown Minneapolis. Give them a call now at 612-333-2644.


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8. Blarney Pub & Grill

Location: 412 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States


Blarney Pub & Grill

Join the fun at the place that everyone's talking about


St. Patrick’s Day is perfect with good food, a cold beer, and great service and that’s what Blarney Pub & Grill is all about. The place is also popular among many because of its cheap drinks, food specials, and a happy hour gimmick that can reduce the cost of even your most reasonably priced drink!

It’s never a dull moment in the pub and grill. There are events, live music, and DJs to hype up the crowd. What are you waiting for? Don't miss out and contact them at 612-331-1527.



 9. The Nomad Pub

 Location: 501 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55454


The Nomad Pub

Give life to your St. Patrick's Day celebration and come to The Nomad Pub!


The Nomad Pub is more popularly called as the world pub by many. This is because of their yearly St. Patrick's Day contest. If you’re up for some fun and maybe even a challenge during the celebration, this is definitely the place to spend your time.


Brace yourself for free beer, but make sure you can hold your liquor as long as you can. The bar has the best happy hour specials and even offers discounts for rail drinks and select taps! Inquire now at info@nomadpub.com or call at 612-338-6424.



It’s time to get your groove on and celebrate! Click below and get ready for the St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl! Save 20% off with code DWF!

 St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl


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