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If you think about Irish culture, what first comes to your mind? Leprechaun hats, the clover leaf, or St. Patrick’s Day? For you who frequently are out in the Social Scene, it may be the day which celebrates the country’s patron saint, St. Patrick. Here’s a rundown of everything about the event and how it is celebrated around the world.


First, A Crash Course On St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day Parade 

There are many questions that non-Irish cultures may ask about this festivity such as whether they need to be born in Ireland to be eligible to party with its people or whether they have to be in a relationship with, who else, an Irish. To give you a fair glimpse about this occasion, here are the things that you should know:


  • This day has been embedded in Irish culture as an honor given to their Patron Saint, Patrick. It is an annual celebration held on March 17.


  • It may be proclaimed a holiday in Ireland but during this time, locations such as in New York and Chicago also hold events to commemorate the saint. There are also major festivities organized in Newfoundland and Labrador, Montserrat Island, and Canada. 


  • St. Patrick is a Christian missionary born and raised in a wealthy clan in the United Kingdom but was kidnapped and taken to Ireland to become a slave for more than five years. It is believed that he converted to Christianity during these dark moments in his life and eventually escaped. He then returned to Ireland to convert pagans to his newfound faith.


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Rundown Of St. Patrick’s Day 2018 Events


You’ve already joined the celebration if you wear those gigantic, wool or cotton-made leprechaun hats or green shirts. But if you want to get to the heart of the culture, take a look at these events lined-up for this year’s fest.


1. St. Patrick’s Day Festival – Dublin, Ireland 

St Patricks Day Parade Dublin Ireland

The home of this special occasion is once again holding a five-day festival filled with events for locals, tourists and for the whole family. It’s been said that every St. Patrick’s Day is unique so though it is held annually, there are still surprises coming your way. The itinerary includes town hall sessions, parades, funfairs, installation exhibits, choir performances, “green” spectacles, and many more. 


2. Greening The City – Dublin, Ireland


greening the city dublin ireland

Greening The City is part of the five-day festival happening in Ireland. It will be held across iconic buildings in Dublin beginning 6 p.m. on March 17. The city’s famous landmarks will be illuminated green to symbolize the color of the feast. This is a momentous visual spectacle that you should not miss, so bring your cameraphones as the affair is also social media-worthy. 


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2019 Denver St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl  

3. Leprechaun In The Hood – Brooklyn, New York

Leprechaun In the hood brooklyn new york


New York City joins the celebration with a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired movie titled “Leprechaun In The Hood.” This film thriller is a favorite among avant-garde followers, featuring the leprechaun fairy in his scariest moment yet. This is happening at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn for one night only until March 18. This is part of the many events in New York including parades, museum tours, and comedy shows. 


4. When Chicago River Turns Green – Chicago, Illinois

St Patricks Day Green River Chicago


Touted as one of the world’s most popular St. Patrick’s Day rites, this is an event where the Chicago River turns emerald green after some “magic tricks” from leprechauns. Technically, orange-colored organic vegetable dyes are poured in the waters and transform into the bright green color. Many locals, including the Irish community in Chicago, always find time to catch this once-a-year affair in the city.  There will also be parades and performances alongside this affair.


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5. St. Practice Day Bar Crawls – Kansas City and Denver

St Patricks Day Bar Crawl denver or kansas city


St. Practice Day has been the term used to refer to the day or the eve of St. Patrick’s Day. Social Scene's St. Patrick's Day events have drink specials, photo hunts, and gift cards to be given away. Expect to have a taste of Irish craft spirits and beverages produced by local distillers and mixes.

It begins on the 16th of March just around sunset and will last until midnight, just in time to welcome the official holiday. To register for the pub crawl and to know more information about the event, visit Social Scene at 






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