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Top 10 St Patrick’s Day Destinations In The World

St. Patrick’s Day is a huge holiday in Ireland. It began as a religious holiday and evolved into a celebration that spread all across the world. There are plenty of stories told of St. Patrick that evolved into legends, and people often tell these interesting stories on St. Patrick’s Day!

One of the most popular symbols that appear on St. Patrick’s Day is the three-leaf clover. It was said that the clover was used by St. Patrick to help explain the Trinity to pagans. This is why you’ll find a plethora of three-leaf clover symbols as March 17th approaches.



The shamrock has become a symbol of St. Patrick (Photo from pxfuel)

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St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. In his honor, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with festivities around the country. Interestingly, many parts of the world have their own special St. Patrick’s Day celebrations which have evolved over the years.


Social Scene takes you around the world to see what St. Patrick’s Day is like in different countries! Check out the top 10 exciting St. Patrick’s Day destinations you should definitely visit! 


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1. Join the CelticFest Vancouver in Canada



The ultimate Celtic Celebration in Vancouver (Photo from CelticFest Vancouver’s Facebook page)

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CelticFest Vancouver in Canada is celebrated from roughly February 20th to March 28th with a barrage of activities that extend even beyond those dates. The Celtic Festival celebrates everything Irish including St. Patrick’s Day, beginning with a night of music and dancing. 

Expect musical guests performing Irish folk music and traditional Irish dances as well as sharing Celtic culture. And that’s not all — the celebrations also include Family Day and a variety of bars and pubs offering Irish drinks and delicacies.

2. Take Part in the St. Patrick's Day Celebration in Brussels



Sports and traditional Irish music and dancing for St. Patrick’s Day in Brussels (Photo from Yeo Khee via unsplash.com)

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The St. Patrick's Day Celebration in Brussels includes a lot of fun parties — the special day is celebrated here through sports, music, and a lot of dancing. Both kids and adults are invited to join as the event offers activities for everyone. Expect festivities, good food, and Irish dancing!


You’ll want to check out the Manneken-Pis on St. Patrick’s Day as well. This statue is a prominent figure in Brussels folklore and one of the most iconic statues in the country. Every year, he’s adorned with a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired costume. It’s usually complete with cap, trousers, jumper, and even a shamrock — all in green, of course! The Manneken-Pis has 920 varieties of costumes for every occasion.

3. Be There for the St. Patrick’s Day 2020 Festival in the Netherlands



A free festival that anyone can join! (Photo from Grote Markt, Den Haag’s Facebook page)

Alt Text - St._Patrick’s_Day_2020_Festival_The_Netherlands


Beginning on March 15th, the 2020 St. Patrick’s Day Festival is celebrated in the Netherlands for the 10th consecutive time, highlighting Irish culture in a dazzling celebration. With the help of the Irish Club Netherlands, Grote Markt, O’Casey’s Irish Pub, and Den Haag, the St. Patrick’s Day 2020 Festival comes to life in the heart of the city once again.

The festivities begin on the afternoon of  March 15th and run until midnight. Considered to be the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the Netherlands, the festival promises large pints of your favorite Irish liquor, Irish dancing, great music, and lots of laughs.

4. Party on St. Patrick’s Day in San Diego, California



Parades, parties, and plenty of beer in San Diego! (Photo from Irish Congress of So. Ca- San Diego St. Patrick's Day Parade & Festival’s Facebook page)

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San Diego is the place to be if you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. There are plenty of festivities, parades, and more for family and friends on the day when everybody is Irish. For night owls, there are late-night parties and pub crawls brimming with your favorite green beer.

Other events in San Diego on or before St. Patrick’s Day include the Brewer’s Ball, the St. Patrick's Day 10k Run, Block Parties, Cruises, Party Hops, the 40th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade & Festival, and so much more!

5. Drop by the James Joyce Irish Pub in Istanbul



A one-of-a-kind St. Patrick’s Day experience in Istanbul
(Photo from Irish Pub The James Joyce’s Facebook page)

Alt Text - St._Patrick’s_Day_James_Joyce_Irish_Pub_Istanbul


If there’s a place to go in Istanbul during St. Patrick’s Day, it’s James Joyce. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Weekend at this popular Irish bar, the most established Irish venue in town!

When St. Patrick’s Day comes around, this location serves traditional Irish food and even has traditional Irish live music for entertainment. Plenty of musicians from around the world are invited to perform in the many St. Patrick’s Day festivities that the pub orchestrates.


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6. Celebrate Irish Week 2020 in Moscow



Celebrating Irish culture in Russia (Photo from pxfuel)

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Irish Week is celebrated in Moscow, Russia when St. Patrick’s Day strolls around the corner. The very first St. Patrick’s Day parade was in 1992 and the tradition is still going strong today. Muscovites join in with floats and even bring their Irish wolfhounds along. Irish Week also includes an annual concert in its 27th year in Moscow.

Activities for the week include the 13th Irish Film Festival, with screenings from March 11 to 22 in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and St. Petersburg. There is also the “St Patrick’s Day And Night”, a nine-hour gala-concert of major folk music. Expect more events on the day itself and make sure to enjoy them with friends and family.

7. Where’s the Coachella of St. Patrick’s Day?
In Washington, D.C. of Course!



ShamrockFest, mostly known by the locals as the Coachella of St. Patrick’s Day
(Photo from ShamrockFest’s Facebook page)

Alt Text - St._Patrick’s_Day_ShamrockFest_Washington


Washington, D.C. is once again celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Expect a fun weekend of scrumptious Irish cuisine, Irish drinks, amazing Irish-built landmarks, and authentic Irish music. One of the most anticipated events is the ShamrockFest on March 14th at the RFK Stadium.

There are a total of four parades you can join around D.C. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Alexandria takes place on March 7th, and the Annapolis St. Patrick’s Day Parade occurs on the 8th. You can also join the Manassas St. Patrick’s Day Parade on the 14th and the St. Patrick’s Parade of Washington, D.C. on the 15th. 

8. Be on the Rocks for Sydney St. Patrick's Day Festival 2020



St. Patrick’s Day is all about having fun, drinking beer, and doing the Irish jig in Australia
(Photo from Dan Freeman via unsplash.com)

Alt Text - St._Patrick’s_Day_Festival_2020_Sydney


St. Patrick's Day is a popular event observed in Australia, so expect a lot of festivities all around the country. Pubs and bars, in particular, go all-out with their Irish menus and entertainment. Plus, the Sydney St Patrick's Day Festival 2020 will happen at The Rocks on March 15th.

At least a third of the population in Australia is believed to have some Irish ancestry. The strong community of Irish Australians in the country makes this special Irish holiday prevalent. St. Patrick’s Day Parades have become common as early as the 1900s, and it’s now considered a “fun day” for everyone to celebrate.

9. Munich: the Biggest St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Mainland Europe



Experience an outstanding celebration of Irish culture (Photo from St. Patrick's Day Munich’s Facebook page)

Alt Text - St._Patrick’s_Day_Celebration_Munich


The St Patrick's Festival in Munich is a huge festival that takes two whole days to enjoy. On March 14th and 15th, visitors from all over the world can join the parade and festivities. This Irish celebration started in Munich back in 1996 with a crowd of more than 1,000 people.

Everyone from the Irish community, visitors, and ex-pats to locals, students, kids, and families have become interested in the big event. The festivities include two days of Irish music, parades, food, and drinks. The main events will be held at Odeonsplatz and Wittelsbacherplatz.


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10. St. Patrick’s Festival in London Celebrating Women in Sport


11_ St._Patrick’s_Day_Women_In_Sport_London

London offers a festival and parade to honor St. Patrick’s Day (Photo from London Events, Concerts & Parties‎St. Patrick's Day | London 2019’s Facebook page)

Alt Text - St._Patrick’s_Day_Women_In_Sport_London


London’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival is now in its 18th year. This year’s theme focuses on women in sport in cooperation with the Federation of Irish Sports 20x20 campaign. The festivities will begin on March 15th with the annual parade, complete with dance troupes and pageantry.

Many of the main acts are presented at Trafalgar Square. This presentation of Irish culture and music is made possible through the London Irish Centre. Apart from the official celebration, traditional Éire food and drinks are also highlights of the festivities.


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