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Top 10 St Patrick’s Day Event Activities

There are a lot of new adventures to experience on St. Patrick’s Day! You don’t need to be in Ireland to feel like you’re Irish for a day—there are plenty of  St. Patrick’s Day-themed activities for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy.


Make St. Patrick’s Day your lucky day! (Photo from pxfuel)

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Wear your best green outfit for the day! Take part in DIY leprechaun crafts! Why not join a parade or street festival? Have fun throughout the day! 

Do you think these are the only things you can do? Of course not! There are plenty of exciting St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans to indulge in. If there’s one thing you need to do during St. Patrick’s Day, it’s to have as much fun as you can!


Social Scene put together a list of the best ways to level up your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We’ve curated the top ideas to make this year’s St. Paddy’s Day stand out! Check out the top 10 St. Patrick’s Day events and activities below:


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1. Organizing a St. Patrick’s Day Get-Together



There’s nothing like a St. Patrick’s Day house party (Photo from pxfuel)

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If you don’t have time to go to any big events for St. Patrick’s Day, why not organize your own? You can have an exclusive St. Patrick’s Day party at your house! 

Invite friends and family over. Decorate your home in shamrocks and green trappings. Cook traditional Irish meals and serve green drinks. And to make things even more exciting, why not include St. Patrick’s Day-themed games in the list of activities? Not only is your party sure to be a great time, but it’s also less expensive and you won’t have to travel anywhere else.

2. Being a Part of St. Patrick’s Day 5k Races!



Stay fit and healthy on St. Patrick’s Day (Photo from Mārtiņš Zemlickis via unsplash.com)

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St. Patrick’s Day isn’t all about drinking and bars—why not break a sweat by joining St. Patrick’s Day road races? Sign up for the St. Paddy's Day 5k Chicago Run or the St. Patrick's Day Road Race 2020

These are just a few of the many St. Patrick’s Day friendly races you can join with friends and family. Nothing like enjoying a day’s run and relaxing with your favorite Irish dishes and drinks afterward.

3. Attending an Irish Whiskey Tasting Event!



You can always find something special at a whiskey tasting
(Photo from Andrea Ferrario via unsplash.com)

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What better way to spend your St. Patrick’s Day than by attending an Irish whiskey tasting event? Look for in your area and book a ticket as early as possible. Spaces at whiskey tastings go fast, especially on holidays like St. Patrick’s Day. 

That’s why you should choose a whiskey tasting now so that you still have options on where to go. You can never go wrong with a few bottles of Irish whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day.


4. Going to St. Patrick’s Day Special Concerts!



Enjoy classic and modern Irish music! (Photo from Jacob Morch via unsplash.com)

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A lot of cities in the U.S. celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with concerts. These range from open concerts to ticketed concerts in select locations. You can also find musical events in various parts of the world that actively participate in the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. 

Many of these concerts feature acts from classic or popular Irish bands. Attending St. Patrick’s Day concerts is a wonderful way to pay tribute to the celebration itself and to Irish music as well.

5. Drinking at the Best Pub Crawls in Town



St. Patrick’s Day isn’t complete without a trip to the pub!
(Photo from Phillip Glickman via unsplash.com)

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If you’re in Chicago, Boston, Washington, or even California, chances are you’ll find a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl. This is one of the best times to join a pub crawl since every bar will have its own green beer specials and St. Patrick’s Day-themed menu. 

Get together with friends or meet new people at the crawl! You’re sure to make great memories during the celebration.


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6. Learning New Tricks: St. Patrick’s Day Cooking Classes



Learn something new for St. Patrick’s Day
(Photo from Katie Smith via unsplash.com)

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Join activities like the Couples Class: St. Patrick's Day Pairings cooking classes in Colorado. This is one of the best activities for couples to do together. You and your partner can create traditional Irish dishes and learn from seasoned chefs! 

Not only will you master new recipes, but you’ll also spend quality time with your loved ones. It’s more than a learning experience—it’s a fun bonding moment for couples.


7. Reading Up on Books from Irish Authors



Add more books by Irish authors to your collection (Photo from freestocks via unsplash.com)

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If you haven’t read many Irish authors before, this is one of the best activities to do on St. Patrick’s Day. Not only are you reading new titles, but you also get to learn about new authors. Here’s a list of female Irish writers to check out—you might just find the next book to binge or your next beloved author.


8. Experiment! Making Your Own Version of a Shamrock Shake



Add a touch of green to your shakes this St. Patrick’s Day
(Photo from Mgg Vitchakorn via unsplash.com)

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Green beers are too common—be different this year and make your own shamrock shake! Have friends over and share what you’ve made with them! This recipe uses simple ingredients for fast preparation time. If you want to try it out, here’s the recipe for your very own Shamrock Shake from McDonald's

And the great thing about homemade shakes is that you can add or change anything you want as long as it tastes good!

9. Adding Guinness to Your Favorite Pancakes



Make your pancakes extra special with Guinness (Photo from Charles Ley Baldemor via unsplash.com)

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If you want to level up your St. Patrick’s Day pancakes, why not add Guinness? This recipe creates green pancakes that are flavored with your favorite St. Patrick’s Day beer. You don’t even need a huge amount of beer to make this recipe. 

This is the perfect way to begin your St. Patrick’s Day! You can even add marshmallows, cream, and other sweets on top of the pancakes.


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2019 Denver St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl


10. Making a Special Family Day With Crafts



DIY St. Patrick’s Day designs are more personal and fun to make (Photo from pxfuel)

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If you haven’t bought decorations for St. Patrick’s Day yet, then it’s the perfect time to make them instead. Not only will adults enjoy these activities, but kids will too! This is a great way for families to bond with each other during St. Patrick’s Day. 

These fun and interesting activities have something for all ages. You can work on shamrock cookies, coloring pages, leprechaun puppet crafts, and more with these DIY decoration ideas.

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