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Your 2018 St. Practice Day Bar Crawl Survival Guide




Bar crawls can either make or break your drinking credentials, surely there are bar experiences that turn out well and there are those that go awry. The last thing that you want to happen is to call it a day so early. Previously, we have presented a beginner’s guide to attending bar crawls, but even a pro also needs some guidance from time to time. Here is your 2019 St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl survival guide.

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2019 Denver St Patrick's Day Bar Crawl

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish tradition in honor of their patron saint, and is celebrated around the world. Certainly you might have already been into various festivities around town such as parades and concerts before starting off the night/day with the bar crawl so we will never discount the fact that you’ve spent the day so much prior to this.


Preparation Is Key

Denver map St Practice


Frequent party-goers should know that bar crawls are not your ordinary moment at the bar. Because it involves visiting a series of bars in your location, preparation is key. Before heading to the venue, make 100 percent sure that you have eaten a good carb-induced meal because attending one with an empty stomach is definitely not a good idea. Furthermore, stay hydrated throughout the entire event.

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It will also help to keep an itinerary of all the bars you’ll be visiting, maybe a list of the brands they will be serving, and perhaps this survival guide itself in your smartphone. So you can check them every once in a while. It is likewise a must to just leave your car keys at home since bar crawls are all about commuting with friends.


Stay Slow And Steady


Cocktail drink st practice 

Now that you are in the moment, the key and most important rule to survive the St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawl is to stay sober as possible. So it is easy as not drinking too much, right? Think again because despite this, still several others leave the party earlier because they have gotten way too drunk.


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First is to pace yourself. The first bar you have visited for the night is not the only venue that you’ll be dropping by. You will be surprised that there are more drinks coming your way. Second, these events are not the right places to mix your beers with liquors. Instead, mix them with non-alcoholic liquids should you need to, such as sodas and fruit juices. Lastly, do not cross over the reef to target those bottles on the top shelves. Top secret: 1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot, floor.


Watch Over Each Other

Crowd enjoying themselves st patricks

The fun of St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawls lies on the fact that you party with friends – lots of them. Moving around and conversing with a diversity of people are also great tactics not to commit too much with the beverages. At the same time, make sure that you are still watching over your friends throughout the night. This will help you come to the rescue when they have gone a little tipsy or they need company to the washroom. 


Share About It

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Once you get invited to a bar crawl, never keep it to yourself and to your circle of friends. The adage, “the more, the merrier” also applies to this affair. Whether it is about word-of-mouth or sharing them over on your social media accounts, share about the event around. There are organizers that have prepared registration pages for groups of friends, so you don’t have to worry about the quantity.

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Find The Best St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawls

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Does the success of pub crawls depend on the participants and the organizer? It is actually a mixture of both. If you are ready to plunge into the experience of St. Patrick’s Day, head over to Social Scene (BeSocialScene.com) to find the best St. Patrick's Day Bar Crawls around (StPatricksCrawls.com).


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