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2018 Summer Tequila Tasting Festival – Brands


It’s important to make someone happy, and nothing brings that happiness than a shot of tequila. Do you agree? Plus, it’s got it benefits too. A study shows that a shot of tequila or two is actually good for the gut, and is more of a stimulant rather than a depressant.

To excite the tequila lovers out there, Social Scene has listed brands joining the 2018 Summer Tequila Tasting Festivals in Chicago, Denver, and Minneapolis.


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1. Borderz Importz

Borderz Importz

Borderz Importz


Hailing from the country of Mexico, comes a famed selection of tequilas you can’t miss at the 2018 Chicago Tequila Tasting – Borderz Importz. There’s the ultra-smooth clear El Chiwahwah tequila and the El Nacimiento crafted in traditional production methods. Both will get you hooked once you start sipping.

Tequila tip? To enjoy El Nacimiento, consume it from a flute glass in order to maximize the drinking experience.

Where it’s being served: 2018 Chicago Summer Tequila Tasting Festival



2. Spice Note Tequila


Tequila Brands

Spice Note Tequila


Alas! Spice Note Tequila brings their finest line of tequilas in this year’s tequila tasting festival. They’re known for their premium tequila blanco infused with all-natural spices, so expect them to bring their Spice Note Cinnamon infused tequila, with aromas and flavors of cinnamon candies, rice cereal, apple pie, date bread, brisk minerals, with a pepper finish.



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3. Maestro Dobel from Proximo Spirits


Maestro Dobel from Proximo Spirits

Photo reference: www.maestrodobel.com


Proximo Spirits brings their quality spirits at the tasting festival. Make sure you don’t miss on their irresistibly refined Maestro Dobel, named as “World’s First Clear Multi-Aged Tequila” 

Products under the famous brand include The Rulebreaker, an extra blend of añejo, Reposado Tequila, aged in the finest European oak barrels. Its character, crystal white liquid, and its smoothness is the result of them being double filtered. Also, you can never miss on their Never Disappear, which exudes an extraordinary balance between smoky notes and agave. It’s also named as the “World’s First Smoked Silver Tequila” utilizing the mesquite wood to replicate the taste from the 17th century.


4. Milestone Brands


Milestone Brands

Photo reference: http://www.dulcevidaspirits.com/products-1


In line with the partnership between Pura Vida Spirits and Milestone brands in 2017, everyone can also get to taste Dulce Vida Spirits with five new offerings, all infused with real fruit and all-natural flavours. The liquids used are USDA certified organic and handcrafted from 100% blue agave with a lineup of quality tequila including: Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Lone Star.


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5. Mexican Moonshine Tequila


Mexican Moonshine Tequila

Mexican Moonshine Tequila


Let Mexican Moonshine Tequila bring you into a mood as if you were drinking under the full moon through its ultra-premium and authentic 100% Blue Agave tequila. What makes it irresistible is that it’s double distilled and begins with aging for 18 months in bourbon barrels creating a full nose of smoky and woody notes.

Where it’s being served: 2018 Denver Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


6. Speakeasy Wine & Spirits


Speakeasy Wine & Spirits

Speakeasy Wines and Spirits


The liquor industry experts Speakeasy Wines and Spirits is bringing their finest lines of tequila at the 2018 Denver Tequila Tasting. From bourbon whiskey, 1800, Jose Cuervo, malt drinks, wines, and cocktail mixes, they got it all for you.


7. Exotico



Luxco, Inc. 


The private marketer of distilled beverage and liqueurs Luxco Inc. is joining the 2018 Denver Tequila Tasting and will bring their high-quality tequilas for you to indulge on. Must-try tequilas would be under the Exotico brand, which is crafted and imported from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Under this brand are two of their impressive Exotico products such as the Exotico Mule - a combination of their exotico tequila and lime, topped with ginger beer. While the Exotico Collins, another product favorite is made with the same tequila combined with lemon juice, sugar, and club soda.


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8. Artisan Spirits


Artisan Spirits


Patron Tequila


One of the most expensive tequila at Artisan Spirits include the Patron Tequila touted as the world's most fashionable and delicious premium tequilas. It is crafted using half tahona-crushed agave and half modern roller-mill crushed agave, after which are slow-roasted in an oven before fermentation in wooden vats.

Be a part of the exciting month of February as a major tequila events are happening on the 23rd:  For more information on upcoming events near you, visit us at besocialscene.com or visit us on Facebook.


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