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5 Remarkable Benefits of Tequila That You Need To Know

re often than not, tequila, as well as other alcoholic drinks, are branded as a useless, toxic beverage that is meant to give you nothing but a headache the next day. But we at Social Scene, promise that you’d love tequila even more after you read these five astonishing perks tequila has to offer.

benefits of tequila


#1: A shot or two of tequila can help you shed off unwanted weight

Every health buff knows that the general rule in losing weight is not to drink alcohol. However, taking a controlled amount of tequila can actually help you remove that extra body weight. You can thank the weight loss properties found in tequila’s agavins (a kind of complex sugar in tequila). This sweet stuff helps stimulate the body’s metabolism, aid in its digestion and melt out fat. Amazing, right? 


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#2: A moderate tequila shot is known to lower the chances of developing dementia

According to BBC, some studies reveal drinking controlled amounts of alcohol (this includes our friend, tequila) is actually beneficial to our mental health. Researchers found that people who take eight to 14 alcoholic drinks a week cut the dementia risk. But be forewarned, though; the study also shows that there is a relation between drinking more than 14 drinks a week and having increased rates of dementia emergence


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#3. Tequila is both a Probiotic and Prebiotic

According to experts, the fructans in agave plants (The plant that gives tequila it's delicious flavor) help boost the number of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, the good bacteria found in the large intestines. Apart from healthy bacteria, it also lays a good foundation for these useful microorganisms to thrive.


#4. A tequila shot can help control insomnia.

If you need an extra boost to help you relax and unwind, then tequila is the right drink for you. Relaxation is one of the many favorable after effects of drinking tequila. It is reported that a dose of tequila, 1 to 1.5 ounces at that, can help bring you to dreamland faster.


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#5. Tequila prevents diabetes

In Mexico’s Polytechnic Institute of Guanajuato, experts found that the agave plant could increase the body’s insulin production. The agave plant (an ingredient to make tequila), which is high in fructans, could stimulate the GLP-1 hormone (One of the two most important hormones that helps treat diabetes.

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Isis Macaraeg

Content Writer

Social Scene


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