2018 #ChicagoSummerTequilaFestival Brands

Brands compete and make sure to offer the best tequila flavors to consumers. There are homemade tequila blends, and then there are those made by master tequila distilleries with ingredients that even come from Latin America.

Want to learn more about whether you are a drinking expert or still a novice? On July 21st, the 2018 Chicago Summer Tequila Tasting Festival is coming to you with various brands for you to sample and taste. Here are some of the tequila brands headlining this year’s Summer Tequila Festival in Chicago.


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Blue Nectar Tequila

Blue Nectar Tequila Chicago Brand Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


One of the greatest grandfathers of tequilas around the world may be Blue Nectar Tequila. The brand started from a father and son relationship who shared the passion for this beverage. It began with the ritual of giving tequilas to each other as gifts during each other’s birthdays, conceiving a tradition that enthusiasts have loved. Their products include Añejo Founder’s Blend, Blue Nectar Silver, Reposado Extra Blend, and Special Craft.


Borderz Importz

Borderz Importz Chicago Brand Summer Tequila Tasting Festival

From Mexico, Borderz Importz is a brand that has a collection of tequilas we recommend you not miss at the Chicago tasting festival. They have a variety known as El Chiwahwah tequila and El Nacimiento distilled in traditional approaches.


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Maestro Dobel

Maestro Dobel Chicago Brand Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


Maestro Dobel has gained a place in the 2018 Chicago Summer Tequila Tasting Festival’s chosen brands because of their commitment to perfecting their craft. The brand comes from 11th generation makers of tequila, so you know that their offerings are made to perfection and double-distilled to give the smoothness to its taste.


Spice Note Tequila

Spice Note Chicago Brand Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


Spice Note Tequila will be present to bring their finest collection of tequila during the festival. Regarded for their premium blanco made with natural ingredients, the brand has tequila infused with cinnamon flavors, with hints of rice cereals, pepper, apple pie, bread, and more.

“Spice Note is the very first line of all natural spice-infused tequila, created for you to enjoy with the loved ones at your table,” the brand reveals.


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