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#2018WinterTequilaRecap: Chicago's Top Brands



Once again, Chicago has thrown another exciting tequila tasting party where it has successfully created deeper connections between the guests themselves and with the participating tequila brands.

The 2018 Chicago Winter Tequila Festival has huddled tequila enthusiasts near and far and warmly welcomed the featured tequila brands with open arms. It is a wonderful spectacle that the said event has brought hundreds of visitors to celebrate each other and their love for tequila.

At 4 in the afternoon of February 17th, the festivities began in a prompt and orderly fashion. For two hours, everyone was enjoying the food and drinks specials, and mostly the culture and education that the experience brought. Inserted in these two hours are tons of surprises and giveaways for the participants. The 2018 Chicago Winter Tequila Festival also gave back to the community as a portion of the proceeds benefits a local charity.Want to see a glimpse of the fun that happened at the 2018 Chicago Winter Tequila Festival? Please click here.


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Top 3 Tequila Brands in Chicago

Using the #WinterTequilaFest, guests have the power to vote for their top favorite brands. After having given much thought (and tasting), Chicago has reached its verdict.

Below are the top 3 Tequila Brands that reigned in the recently conducted 2018 Chicago Winter Tequila Festival.


1. Maestro Dobel

Maestro Dobel

Maestro Dobel has gained a place in the 2018 Chicago Winter Tequila Festival’s top brands because of their commitment to perfecting their craft. Now being the 11th generation tequila makers, their blends are produced to perfection and then double distilled to get that distinct Maestro Dobel flavor and texture we know and love.


2. Spice Note

Spice Note Top Tequila BrandsBeing the first line of spice-infused premium tequila blanco, it is a no-brainer why Spice Note is included in the list of the top 3 brands that Chicago loved in this festival. This creative tequila liquor brand has won the tastes of many because of its well-balanced taste and smooth finish. It is best shared with the ones you love.


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3. Maracame


Maracame Tequila

Maracame might be a title for an ancient Native American wizard, but it is no magic why Chicago loves this drink. Their handcrafted tequila flavors have gathered a bunch of awards and distinctions, as well as being featured in a variety of magazines.

Watch for these brands and others to be featured in Social Scene’s next Spring Tequila Festival happening in various cities in 2019.  

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