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2018 #DenverSummerTequilaFestival Brands

How far do you go when it comes to serving tequila that your patrons love? Your colleagues would agree that there are some who delve in deep to research only to find the best blends in the market. For the tequila patron, brands are important just as their experience is. Beginner drinkers would tell you “one shot glass of tequila, please” at the bar, without getting particular about the brand. Whichever side you are serving, this list will help you find your way and order brands that you just may come to love.


On July 21st, sizzle up your summer with one of the biggest tequila tasting festivals from Social Scene. The 2018 Denver Summer Tequila Tasting Festival is coming to you with various brands for you to sample and taste. Here are some of the tequila brands headlining this year’s Summer Tequila Festival in the Mile High City.


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Astral Tequila

Astral Tequila Denver Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


Astral Tequila is founded by Richard Betts, and though not having the authentic Spanish blood unlike other master tequila makers, Betts creates a fine spirit using traditional methods and local ingredients from Mexico’s Jalisco. Tequila is made from naturally grown agaves and once they are harvested, these ingredients are slow-roasted in traditional stone ovens until they turn into caramel form. The agave hearts are crushed and the juice is fermented using wild yeasts. Finally, the spirit is distilled twice and bottled at 92 proof to maintain the elegance of flavors.

El Mayor Tequila

El Mayor Tequila Denver Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


Naming their products as handmade legacy, El Mayor Tequila carries a name that attracts respect. El Mayor is probably one of the best makers of this tequila variety in history. From the cultivation of agave, fermentation, distillation until the bottling process, the brand is so proud of being the product of several generations of tradition. It says, “Our process doesn’t accommodate a budget, or lighten the load on our backs. It’s a painstaking labor of love, and the only means to crafting the perfect tequila.”

Exotico Tequila

Exotico Denver Summer Tequila Tasting Festival


The 2018 Denver Summer Tequila Tasting Festival will have Exotico Tequila once again just as during the previous tequila events from Social Scene. It is something that participants will look for the moment they enter the bar, “Where’s Exotico?” The brand offers award-winning products, including their Reposado and Blanco. Carrying the insignia of the skull, Exotico uses hints of spicy undertones, pepper, herbs, oak, and vanilla. Plus, caramel and cinnamon for the smooth taste.


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Jose Cuervo


Jose Cuervo has been serving to tequila drinkers since the 18th century, and that means around 300 years of producing only the highest quality liquor. Cuervo could also be the best summer tequila brand out there, with their Beach Life Paloma and Cuervo Surf.


Mexican Moonshine Tequila


2018 #DenverSummerTequilaFestival Brands


When you are looking for a brand that is not only coming from 100 percent blue agave but is inspired by the sea, it has to be Mexican Moonshine Tequila. It uses authentic blue agave that goes through a double-distillation process and aged for more than a year in bourbon barrels, giving drinkers a taste of the flavors of the seaside.


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Suavecito Tequila

2018 #DenverSummerTequilaFestival Brands

Suavecito Tequila is the world’s smoothest and it truly lives up to the name. Their blue weber agave is cultivated on red soil on the Jalisco highlands standing tall at 7,000 feet. Suavecito has a team of harvesters that test the soil to ensure that the crops are in the best conditions.


More Brands At The 2019 Denver Winter Tequila Tasting Festival

These and more at the 2018 Denver Winter Tequila Tasting Festival happening on February 23rd! Tequila enthusiasts unite as they embark on a journey to warm up taste buds as they taste a variety of tequilas. Get ready for a fun filled event for tequila fanatics and for those not yet a fan, get ready to be converted!

There will be fun surprises for VIP guests, food and drink specials, Lyft ride credits, and more that accompany a ticket purchase. Discounts and other perks are also available for guests to enjoy.


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