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#2018WinterTequilaRecap: Denver's Top Brands


Some Denver residents just recently enjoyed this year’s Winter Tequila Festival on February 17th at Blake Street Tavern. With their old acquaintances and new, they enjoyed both the food and drink specials, as well as the education that comes along with the experience. After sampling the delicious goodness of the different types of tequila brands featured in the festival, guests also had an opportunity to vote for their favorite tequila brands at the event.

Denver has spoken. Now, it’s time to reveal the top three tequila brands that Denver loved for this year’s Winter Tequila Festival.



1. Suavecito


Suavecito Tequila

Claiming to be the World's Smoothest 100% Blue Agave Nectar Tequila, it is no wonder why Suavecito has taken a deep rooting in the hearts of most Denverites. From the Highlands in Mexico, Suavecito made three distinct tequilas that everybody equally loves:

  • Suavecito Anejo - Best known as the true premium sipping tequila.
  • Suavecito Blanco - Loved by it's fresh and un-aged award-winning flavor.
  • Suavecito Reposado - Ideally enjoyed straight. As for versatility, it can go with almost all mixers.


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 2. State 38

State 38 Favorite Tequilas

State 38’s delectable lineup of their three famous agave spirits — blanco, reposado, and añejo — have secured a sweet spot in hearts of tequila lovers in Denver. Why are State 38’s drinks loveable? Let us count the ways for you:

  • State 38 Blanco - Denver enjoys this easy to drink tequila because of its smooth texture.
  • State 38 Reposado - Denverites love this young, smooth drink. With some notes of vanilla and oak for aroma, truly makes it an outstanding flavor overall.
  • State 38 Anejo - This is the most mature among the State 38’s agave spirits. Denver worships this drink as its notes are heavily infused oak and vanilla, making it fit for royalty.

3. Arta Tequila

Arta Tequila Denver

Arta Tequila’s set of unique spirits are crafted to perfection. With this kind of standard, this type of brand will naturally garner a bunch of awards, as well as catch the hearts of every tequila liquor lover, including those in Denver. What makes them unique and always wanted? Here are some reasons:

  • Arta Silver - Hand bottled and triple distilled, the Arta Silver is loved by many because it is exceptionally smooth and well balanced. With hints of honey and citrus making its flavor sweet and clean.
  • Arta Reposado - Loved by its smooth and silky texture, the Arta Reposado flawlessly fuses modern spice with traditional reposado smoke. It is well known for its vanilla and sweet pumpkin taste that follows with a white pepper flower finish.
  • Arta Anejo - With hints of light chocolate, coffee, and nuts, the Arta Anejo is a drink that is best paired with chocolate and vanilla desserts. It is loved mostly due to its rich amber color and smooth, silky texture.
  • Arta Extra Anejo - This limited reserve vintage drink has a beautiful amber color with an aroma of roasted cocoa, coffee, and almonds. It is best paired with rich chocolate desserts, as well as a quality cigar.


Winter Tequila Tasting Festival


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